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10 ways to use our A4/8.5×11 Fab File

Our Fab File line of products has crossed over from crafting storage to general home and office storage. If you’ve been following along you’ve seen Fab Files used for everything from craft supplies to cord and cable storage. This 8.5×11 paper organizer is no exception. Included with this Fab File are 5 tabbed file/divider pockets and 5 labeling tabs. The white label tabs work well, but I love the flexibility of using repositionable, SYF label tabs instead. I also love the “pop” of color they provide.

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Here are just a few ways to use the A4/8.5×11 Fab File; some in your craft room, some in your office, some in your kitchen…even in the garage.

Cardstock, of course

Organizing 8.5×11 or A4 cardstock was the original use for this Fab File. The divider pockets are ideal for labeling different colors or themes, and also work well for storing scraps or “special” paper. This Fab File is 2″ deep – it will hold about 100 sheets of cardstock and about 175 of paper. The thickness of both paper and cardstock varies quite a bit, so you may be able to store a few more sheets or a few less.

Grab & Go File – Important Papers

With the recent storms and flooding, we’re all a bit more aware of keeping important things together. Create a “Grab & Go File” using an 8.5×11 Fab File. Use the pockets to organize your papers by type of document. Don’t forget to include vet records for your pets. Passports, vehicle titles, wills, etc. Check the internet for all the items recommended for this type of emergency file.

Coloring Books

While there is some variety in the size and shape of coloring books, I’ve found that the majority of mine tuck nicely into the 8.5×11 Fab File. I’ve even got room for a box of colored pencils and a sharpener. The File pockets are a perfect storage solution for pages in progress, completed pages, and Zen doodling projects, too.

Monthly Bills and Budgets

When we talk about organizing craft supplies, one of my mantras is “keep things together you use together”. This is true for organizing other things as well. Combine all your bills and budgeting materials together. Include a calendar. Bills to pay, receipts, EOBs, budget plan, etc.

8.5x11 Paper Organization, Bills & Budgetng

Owner’s Manuals and Warranty Registrations

While more and more warranty registrations happen online, most home equipment still comes with an owner’s manual. Organize all of them together in one Fab File. Ours is stored in the garage where most of the tools & equipment are stored (keep things together you use together).

I also noticed that my husband had added the paint chips for our home to this file.

Mementos by Event

If you’ve got important events coming up like a high school senior year or wedding, you know keeping track of all the mementos can be a chore. Start a Fab File for each event and then add things to the file as you receive them. When you’re ready to scrap the event everything will be together.

Small Gift Bags & Tissue Paper

Smaller gift bags can disappear in your gift wrap stash. Tissue paper gets wrinkled and folded.

Try containing these smaller items in an 8.5×11 Fab File. It will be fast and easy to grab the right sized bag when you need it.

Planner refill pages and past planner pages.

Planners have evolved into a wonderful combination of calendars, to-do lists, scrapbooks and journals. I use a Create 365 Planner, which means there are lots of add-in pages available. I store my extra large planner pages in the 8.5×11 Fab File. I also have a smaller Create 365 planner, and I store those pages in the 8×8 Fab File.

If you’re like me, your previous planner pages are almost as important as the current pages. They contain your recent history, important dates and events, some photos, and a lot of other great stuff. Having these available to refer to later will be priceless. I pull these out of my planner for 2 reasons: the first, to protect them, and second, to lighten the weight of my planner, which I carry everywhere. The 8.5 x 11 Fab File is the perfect storage container.

Copier paper storage

If you buy copier paper by the ream, chances are it’s taking up a full 8.5 x 11” footprint in your desk drawer or on a shelf. After you open a ream and load what you can into your printer, put the remaining stack of paper into an 8.5 x 11 Fab File and stand it vertically on the shelf. Don’t worry about the paper curving a bit, it will lay flat as soon as you take it out of the box and put it in the printer.

Magazine Storage

I love cooking magazines!!! They are my “reward” for getting things done. The problem with storing magazines is that they don’t stand up on their own. The 8.5 x 11 Fab File is ideal. I can label the edge so I know which magazines are in the FabFile and then slide the box on the shelf next to my cook books.

The UK crafting magazines and large stamp sets also fit in in this handy Fab File! The A4 size is perfect for UK magazines.

The A4/8.5 x 11 Fab File has countless uses. If you’re using one in a new or different way we’d love to hear about it. Please do use the comment box below to share your ideas with me/us.

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