Chipboard Organization in our new Crop Room

The Chipboard Challenge – How to keep bulky chipboard organized, visible and accessible?

Hmmm….love my chipboard, but sometimes I forget that I have it. It was stashed away in a drawer where it was “out of site, out of mind.”  Other than a note in the Alpha Numeric section of my ScrapRack I didn’t have any reference to it.  Enter the old “Sticker Stadium.”  Many of you have seen this tool before. At one time I used it on my desktop for tools.  Since my goal with this crop room was to keep the desktop clear I emptied this out as a tool bin and VOILA! it was the perfect place for chipboard.  I don’t think this particular item is still available, but I think you can get something similar at the Container Store or Storables for use with cosmetics.

The first thing I did was sort my chipboard by sizes.
I’ve got lots of small alphabets, quite a few 10″ letters and several 12×12 sheets of themed chipboard. 
Once sorted, I put the smaller pieces in the front of the container, and then filled in the center by size and finished up with the 12×12 sheets. 

The finished container makes an easy to see, easy to access file system.  I can simply flip through the chipboard letters to find exactly what I need.  In keeping with my philosophy about having things easy to move around, I placed this container on the open shelf next to my desk so I can bring it out when I need it, but it’s still visible so I’ll remember I’ve got it and I’ll actually use it. Imagine that!

Thanks so much for visiting out Blog.  I’ve got another entry coming up very soon. We don’t have a show until next week so I’ve got a little extra time to finish up and I’m really excited.


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