How to choose the right wood stamp organizers for your crafting life

There are dozens of wood stamp organizer choices, but which one is right for you?

Before you decide on the best organizers for your wood stamps, think about your crafting life.  Different types of organizers work better for different types of crafters.  Try asking yourself the following questions.  Your answers will help you choose the right organizers.

Do you have a dedicated room for crafting? If so is there open shelving for displaying stamps or are you limited for space and need to condense them?

Do you ALWAYS craft in that room? If not, you’ll want to ensure the organizers you choose are portable.

Do you collect wood stamps and plan on continuing to add to your collection? If so, you’ll need to plan for expansion.

Are your craft supplies stored somewhere other than where you craft?  Do you need organizers that close with lids or can you carry open organizers to your works space?

If you always craft at home – and have, or can create, open shelving or cabinet space…

Visible and accessible is hands down the preferred method for storing anything in your craft room.  If you’ve got space to display your wood mounted stamps, where they’re visible and accessible, you’ll use them more often.  Stadium Arrangers are great for open shelves or cabinets and keep your stamps easily available.

At 9″ wide, this 3 level Stadium Arranger will hold a couple of dozen stamps. Stamps can be stored 2 deep in this stadium. Eash section is over 2″ wide.

The 6 Level Stadium Arranger is 15″ long and has 1″ deep stadium sections. Depending on the width of your stamps, this stadium will hold an average of 50-75 stamps.

Our 4 Level Stadium Arranger is also 15″ long.  The stadium sections are wider though, and will hold a double row of stamps. This stadium will hold an average of 80-100 stamps.

If you always craft at home, but need to move your supplies around easily…

Combine a stadium arranger or 3 with our Companion Cart.  You can roll it out next to you when you’re stamping, but park it in the corner when you’re not using it. Thinking about keeping all of your stamping tools and supplies in 1 place? A cart is a perfect, portable solution.

If you travel with your supplies – either around the house or to crops, classes, or retreats…

Having your supplies stored in the same containers you’ll use to travel with them is a big plus – no packing and unpacking.  Visible and accessible are still important, but so is “compactness” ( is that a word?).  Try organizing your stamps in something like our Stamp, Store & Go bags or Buddy Bags.

You can organize these using a catalog (learn why) or you can organize by theme, holiday or event.  While the catalog system is more efficient for space, you may find that organizing by theme, holiday or event is more beneficial if you ALWAYS travel with your supplies.

The double-sided Stamp, Store and Go Bag has 2 pull out trays.  Clear vinyl for visibility.  Interior trays are 8.5″ x 11″.

The 1″ or Single-Sided Stamp and Punch Pack is the same dimenions as the double-sided, but only has 1 slide out tray.

Both of these bags can be stored standing up.  Label the edge to create an easy to access “library” of stamps.

Do you have a smaller collection of woods stamps that you would like to keep organized by theme, holiday or event – and also need them to be portable?

Whether you’re pulling them off a shelf to use at home or to drop into your crop tote a small, compact and clear organizer is an easy solution.  If you’re dropping things into a tote, think about accessibility at the event.  If you “stack” things on top of each other you’ll need to “dig” down to get to your supplies.  If you can keep your supplies vertical it will be easier to find, use, and put them away.  Long Buddy Bags are a good choice for keeping things vertical and accessible.

The Edna Buddy Bag will hold a couple of dozen stamps.  Add a label to the end then stand this bag up in a tote.  The strap at the end makes it easy to pull up & out of your tote.

If you’ve got a smaller collections of stamps, something like the Teresa Buddy Bag could be the perfect way to keep them together. Both Teresa and Edna are 11″ long.

Click on the image to see the long Buddy Bags in the side pocket of this tote.  They could also be stored/transported in the center section.  Keeping them vertical maximizes accessibility.

Thanks so much for popping by today to learn a little about choosing the right wood stamp organizers for your crafting life.  If you have questions please feel free to leave them in comment box below and I’ll do my best to get right back to you.

Happy Crafting!

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