Michelle B.

I just want to thank you so much, I am still playing catch up but I can already see who this system is going to make my scrapbooking more about the craft and less about sorting/finding what I want to use… just amazing! Instead of just one layout on Saturday, I managed 4 because I knew exactly where everything was!

I am still trying to contact your store you have here in Australia to see how I can get a scraprack, but your process just works, even without! LOVE IT!

Have a great day and I look forward to the “add-on” classes when they become available!

Cheers much,

Michelle B.

Erin P.

I loved this webinar. The best was giving me permission to “purge”. LOL!!! Thanks for all the time and effort put into this. Every week was full of ideas and inspiration. My scrap room is now well on it’s way to being organized. Still a lot to go, but now I attack it with a renewed enthusiasm, knowing that I CAN DO IT!  – Erin P.

Linda M.

Hi Tiffany…..I just want to take this opportunity to say Thank You for the Organizational Challenge.  I have been scrapbooking for about 10 years and am definitely a “gottalotta”.

This is the first organizational program that I have been “real” excited about and am working very hard to get it all completed.  My purge box is going to be really big.

Thank you again for calling my attention to how much stuff I have that I don’t need or probably will not use…This is a fabulous program. -Linda M.

Susan M.

I really enjoyed the webinars.  They were very informative.  I am new to scrapbooking and do not have that much stuff yet.  This will help me to be organized right from the start.

I can not wait to get started. I have saved the webinars and will be referring to  them often. Thank you for providing this opportunity to us.  I look forward to more in the future. Wish you were on the east coast so we could meet you in person. Thank you again! -Susan M.

Sheree S.

I’m having my first “open scrap” tomorrow with my sister and a couple of gal pals. I’m so excited so show off my organized space and to be able to get to scrap after all this hard work! It’s my reward for week two – which I will complete today! I did jump ahead and made a two-part holding album for my son’s baseball career; that’s my plan for tomorrow and I am just jazzed! Thank you for having the wisdom to create and market this system. – Sheree S.

Jeanne L.

I loved the series! Not only did I get inspired to clean up and organize my craft supplies, but I’m applying the principles to the whole house. For 6 straight weeks, our 60 gallon recycle bin was full of “stuff”. Quite amazing how papers accumulate. Found more unnecessary junk than one would think possible.
Now, if I can get my never-throw-anything-away husband to participate I’ll have it made. First challenge: convince him he does not need every issue of Turbo Diesel (magazine) that has ever been issued.  Wish me luck!
Thank you again for a great series of Webinars. – Jeanne L.

Laura H.

Thanks Tiffany for this wonderful webinar Challenge!!! The way you break down such a huge task into manageable steps has made an overwhelming project fun. I have found items I forgot I had that I can’t wait to incorporate on my pages. I also found lots of stuff that I couldn’t help but wonder “what was I thinking when I bought this!!!” Looking forward to other organizational challenges in the future! – Laura H.


Diana D.

Thank you! Thank you!  What a great organization experience.  I love my paper crafting hobby but wasn’t getting very much accomplished looking for supplies in “the bag” (or container, folder, drawer, etc.).  “Where would I look for this?” and “Why did I buy this?” are the two best questions, ever.  Now I use those questions all the time – and not just in my craft space.  There is still work to do on stamps and inks but what a relief it is to have an action plan for those items.  Oh, and another word that has come into my vocabulary – “purge.”  It’s a great feeling to make room and help someone else get supplies at the same time.

And one more thing – how wonderful is the Challenge Group.  Someone is always there with an idea, an answer, a need you might be able to answer, or just to cheer you on.  It’s nice to know there are fellow crafters going through the same thing.

Again, thank you for your vision and encouragement.  – Diana D.


The organizational webinars were outstanding!  I am on the way to organizing all of my stamping and scrapbooking supplies.  I have a lot of items to organize, but you helped break it down into manageable steps.  Now that my scrapbooking supplies are organized in my scrapracks I can find things quickly and easily.  The rainbow section in particular is really helping me to use products I have that I would never have thought to look for when creating cards and layouts.  The catalog you had us create to log all of our stamps is incredible!  I am now using the stamps I own much more because I can see at a glance which stamps I have and now know just where to find them.  I highly recommend the webinar series. – Jean


For the first time in my scrapbooking life, I feel like I am in control. I am nowhere near done with all the challenges, but I feel in control instead of total chaos when I walk into my craft room! I am hoping to be organized by the end of the year! I plan on actually creating my first page in over 2 years in April!!! – Robin

Amy S.

I just wanted to send out a quick thank you for having such wonderful seminars.  If it hadn’t been for those seminars, I wouldn’t have had the motivation to do anything with my Scraprack or at least as much as I’ve had in the last few months.  I loved every seminar video I was able to watch and attempt to do.  I watched mostly and the fact that I have almost finished my calendar year section is a great accomplishment.  I am so excited to be so close to finishing getting things organized. I am at a standstill as of this message though because I’ve run out of the super single sheets. I’ve just placed mu order and I’m hoping to get the ball rolling with everything and just work on what I can until my super singles arrive. Thanks again Tiffany! A very happy scrapper in Medina Ohio. -Amy S.


Tiffany, Thank ewe for all of your wonderful ideas and help in getting organized to scrap!! I am by nature an organizer, but as I’m watching/listening to the challenge series, I realized that so much of my stuff is in closed containers, drawers, notebooks, etc. – thus, out of sight & out of mind when I’m scrapping. Even my scrap pieces of paper are organized by color but are in piles in separate drawers of a plastic container. Each time I remember that I might could use a scrap, I have to search thru the pile. But now I feel like the light has dawned as I’m going thru the challenges and reorganizing to get ready to put everything out in the open in my Scraprack! It’s suppose to arrive today and I’m so excited! I can already envision the need to get an expander! Thank ewe! – Anonymous

Jean S.

I took the organizational challenge but since I’m a “got-a-lot”, not everything is fully organized yet, but I continue to work on it.  This weekend I went to my first crop ever at the Orlando Scrapbook Expo and took my ScrapRack along with just a few spinders inside a large tote bag plus a tool caddy – that was it!  I didn’t think I would be able to do it since I am used to scrapping at home with all of my stuff.  The ScrapRack made ALL the difference because everything I needed was categorized and organized.  I finished 12 pages, have 1 page that only needs adhesive, plus pre-planned approximately 10 more pages.  For me that is huge!  At home it is not unusual for a day of scrapbooking to complete 4 pages and no pre-planning!  Thanks for all of the organizing tips – they have not only improved my scrapbooking experience, but also my stamping, card making and general home organizational skills!! – Jean S.

Joan P.

I’ve always had a problem with figuring out what to do with stamps.  I would buy them for a specific project or (on rare occasions) just because I really, really loved the graphic.  But I had a hard time incorporating them into my everyday crafting.  I now know why… I wasn’t organized.

I have come to realize during this GOC process that organization is key to being not only productive, but also to allowing myself to work to my full creative potential.  I also now understand that all the excess stuff I’ve collected over the years has become a giant stumbling block.  It’s like being at a restaurant with a 50-page menu. I didn’t know where to start.  As I’m becoming more organized, and my collections are becoming leaner and more focused, I feel a renewed energy to tackle long-over due projects.  I will say good-bye to the clutter that has held me back and be much more conscientious about my purchases in the future.  I don’t want the clutter burden to get in my way anymore.  Besides, if I really need to use that one thing-a-ma-jig for my project, I’m sure someone will let me borrow theirs.  🙂

Thanks for providing the igniting spark that’s beginning my crafting revolution. – Joan P.

Marie W.


I have loved the series.  Even though I wasn’t able to be in the live webinars, I have watched every video in the series at least twice in the day or so following the webinar.  Thanks you for a wonderful tool to make scrapbooking so much easier and fun again.  I have done more than 85% of the organization projects and have signed up to do the next series as a review while I finish and refine my studio.

Grateful for ewe,

Marie W.


Lynne A.

Although I could not complete the entire series, just getting up to part 6 has made a great difference.  I can find things very quickly, know what I have,  and can put away new things very easily.  I will take a break until school gets out for vacation in December.  My plan is to continue from where I left off and complete the last two parts.  Thank you for a workable system that makes sense! – Lynne A., Hawaii


I “participated” in the last two challenges and I’m still working on getting organized.

I listened and learned and began organizing with my new scrap rack, many pages, and extra spinders.

You have helped me understand organization AND MOVE AWAY FROM CONTAINERIZATION.  I am so grateful to you. My life has changed from chaos and avoidance– to peace and diving into new/old projects, especially scrapbooking.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Bonnie

Pat N.

Hello there:  I am really enjoying the webinar although I have not been participating live due to other Monday night commitments.  I must say, this method certainly works for me.  I love containers.  That being said, I never could find anything because I couldn’t remember where I put what container with what in it.  Now with this colour and theme system,  it makes sense.  I thought I had a lot of stuff, but it is nothing compared to some of the rooms I have seen online.  But no matter how much, or how little, if you can’t get to it, you can’t use it.   I am actually getting inspired as I work through the sorting process.  I will probably not buy a pad of paper again, but just buy single sheets that go with what I have or need.  I just about quit this morning, as I am nearing the end of my sort and just feel like throwing everything into a box or the garbage, but I regrouped and added some more stuff to my already sorted binders.  I had already been very organized with my photographs and memorabilia so that was nearly done before I started.  I now can see how to have my tools on the shelves without having a mess.   Thank you so much for this brilliant idea and for the wonderful webinars.


Pat N.

Ontario Canada


Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I can’t begin to express how much you have helped me get my room organized.  I spent 3 or 4 years accumulating “stuff” so that when I retired I would be able to spend some time making cards and scrapbooking.  Well, I’ve been retired about 2 years now, and finally, after taking your class, I feel I can actually spend time doing those things I planned to do.  My craft room is now two thirds organized just taking this one webinar.  I have already signed up for the next series starting next week and I have every intention of completing the class, and my room, before the end of the year.  Yyiiippppppeeeeee.  I have spent several years keeping that door closed and now I can keep it opened.  What a sense of accomplishment.  I previously tried three different times to rearrange my room, but I never got it organized until your webinar.   I always just moved stuff around.  Now it is mostly organized thanks to you.  I can’t wait to go through the next series.  – Marlene

Cherie B.

Hey Tiffany!

WOW! I not only met the goals set for this week, I went crazy organizing! I rearranged the tables, bookcases, desks, etc. I organized numerous embellishment containers by color, themes and seasons!!! I sorted 8 more inches of paper and cardstock! Then I actually went to a two day crop—packing was a breeze!!! I could find what I needed! I finished 19 pages at the crop and then putting things away was SOOOO easy! Everything had a proper place, so I could just look at the color or theme and presto, back where it belonged!!! Thank you so much this is the BEST class I have taken in a LONG time!!!!! – Cherie B.

Carolyn L.

Although I couldn’t veiw the live webinars, I did watch and enjoy the recorded version of each one.  I learned sooo much and work almost daily for a short while toward my organization goal.  I am making progress in my accumulation and purging, yes purging, of 12 years of scrapbookking.  Thanks for all the ideas, suggestions, tips, etc you have offered.  I look forward to reaching my goal and enjoying my wonderful hobby even more.  – Carolyn L., Alabama


I just wanted to say thanks for the OneNote webinar!  I am using it like crazy!  One notebook for designing our new home, one for scrapbooking ideas, one as a journal (including a health journal for my kids), and just today I added a cookbook notebook – found a S’Mores Cookies recipe….need I say more? 🙂  Thanks again for your help and looking forward to the Back to School Challenge Webinars! – Krista

Joan P.

This is my third time going through the GOC. I have finally finished my embellishments to my satisfaction. The first time around, I sorted my paper into vertical storage and sorted my embellishments into Iris cases. I found that that did not work for me as I could not get to my embellishments easily and I had too many to sort through in each case. The second time around I decided to purchase a Scraprack (three bases) and I am sooooo happy I did. I found that I was able to find my stuff and I felt comfortable again going to crops. This time around I finished labeling my tabs (before I just had temporary post it notes). Looking forward to the next challenge as this is as far as I got during the three times I have participated. – Joan P.


I am married to a skeptic who said nothing is ever free.  i said well, when any credit card info is required i will back out.  i thought this might end up in the form of an infomercial.  i was pleasantly surprised that both my husband and i were wrong.  i think your presentation is excellent .  i know that this webinar was not cheap for you to present so i appreciate the fact that it was both free and not an infomercial.

I am nowhere near finished.  My whole apartment needs to be organized.  I have started and I am on my way to a cure.  I find myself asking myself at the store why are you buying this and what do you need it for?  Do you already have something like this?  Do you really want to start another project?  Why not complete something you have already started or go shopping in your garage and find out what you really have stashed?

I have started my purge box.  It is going well.  I have thrown stuff in the garbage.  A friend came to spend a couple of days and I gifted some stuff to her son.  It was some painting and calligraphy stuff which I have had for a while and it has never been used.  He said he would make some stuff for me.  I will admit it hurt a little letting go but I know he is talented and it will be used.  I have decided I would rather use the word gifted then purge.

My husband and I moved into this apartment about a year ago and I still have boxes of “stuff” that need to be gone thru and organized.  This is 20 + years worth of stuff.  I know it will be done this time because of the way you presented the way to do things.

I had asked if you were the owner of this company or only a representative because in your presentation you gave other options to use.  Other than your scrap rack.   This makes me want to buy your product even more.  I would describe this as smart business strategy.  Tthe only negative thing that I have to say is that unfortunately you are manufacturing your item overseas rather than here in the USA.  I know some of the members of the webinar were not Americans and it may not matter to them one way or the other. I also realize that the cost would be Ginormous if manufactured here and as the saying goes this is not a perfect world.  So with that said I would still like to buy the Scraprack sometime down the line.

There are not enough words to describe how I would like to thank you.  It will take me some time to reach my goal.  I will watch the webinar again when you have it during the day.  Keep up the good work.

I am sure I speak for many when I say thank you for helping out a hoarder without having to go for mental help and being exposed on “hoarders”.  lol

Connie P.

PROGRESS REPORT: I am taking the challenge again because before I didn’t totally follow Tiffany’s way. I didn’t purchase enough pages to put all my things in so they got shoved back in boxes and baskets. Now I have a second base and plenty of pages. I have filled them the correct way and WOW what a difference. It’s so easy to find and use things and so easy to put things away.Thanks so much Tiffany. My money was well spent. Now off to work more on pictures. – Connie P.

Debbie W.

I did the Get Organized Challenge with Tiffany Spaulding and purchased her scraprack — and it is the BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE. I can find absolutely anything I own within seconds. I know EXACTLY what I own and how much I have. I use her four section system — so everything is organized by alpha/numeric, calendar year, category and by colour. – Debbie W.

L. Browning

Just a side note, I have taken two of Tiffany’s webinars and just started the third.  When I began the first one, I was not going to spend any money and use the 3-ring binders that I had.  However, the more I watched and learned, the more I saw the value in your system.  Once I got my first set of spinders and pages, I was immediately sold on your product.  You can hold so much more on a true 12 x 12 page, which helps save space,  a big issue for me.  I am thoroughly delighted with your product and system.  I am so glad I found you!   – L. Browning

Angie S.

Hi Tiffany – I just had to write to you and say thank you for being so unselfish and sharing your webinars with us along with your tips and encouragement!  I just have to tell you when I go to look for my bookmark for the 2012 Get Organized Challenge” – in my mind I’m thinking “12 Step Program” – LOL,  I know that sounds ridiculous but to me it saved my life and so I’ve renamed it my “12 step program”.  On a serious note,  If it hadn’t been for this challenge and the information out there that you’ve provided for us I would have closed my door to craft room and never went back in.  You honestly saved me from never crafting again.  Over the years I had received and bought so many wonderful things, I just accumulated a mess right out of my door to my room to where I didn’t even want to go in there anymore.  I was so sad because crafting gives me so much joy!  Now I can go into my craft room and actually find what I’m looking for.  I’m enjoying my room again the way it was meant to be enjoyed and in turn I can pass my joy along to my friends and family by helping them again with their crafts, cards, or scrapbooks; whatever they need help with.  It was so embarrassing for someone to ask to borrow something I knew I had but could NOT find it for the life of me because of the mess!  Now I’m happy to loan my stuff out and even happier that I can find it! 🙂  The Facebook group has been such a blessing to me as well.  I’ve asked a zillion questions, a zillion different ways and everyone there is so helpful and kind.  No one’s questions on the board goes unanswered and the tips and encouragement we receive is just such such a blessing!  I love checking in from time to time to see how everyone is doing and how far they have came with the challenges.  Makes me want to do even more, not just in my craft room, but all over my home and everyone in my family is loving that! 🙂  I love helping others and I just have not been able to do that in the mess I had created.   Thank you for helping me get me my happiness back! I love your products and I wish you nothing but the greatest of success with your company and all your products!

Love and hugs – Angie S.


Louise T.

“I am so excited about doing another huge batch of organizing, but even half done I am producing like mad!!! Haha, I’m glad I didn’t stop scrapbooking before I found Tiffany’s webinars and her scraprack system.” -Louise T., Edmonton