Crafting On The Go

Whether you’re going to a weekend crop, spending the evening at your friend’s house, or want to take your crafting with you on your summer vacation, crafting on the go can be easier than you might expect.

Preparing to attend a craft event can be time consuming at best, and overwhelming at worst.

You can simplify the whole process (both mentally and physically) by doing a little prep work in advance of the event.

Step 1 – What will be provided?

Find out what will be provided at the event. Many times the event sponsor will provide things like Die Cutting Machines and dies, Embossing Machines and embossing folders, etc. No need to haul stuff that’s been included in your registration fee.

Step 2 – What are your friends bringing?

What are your friends bringing? If you’re going with friends you can cut your load significantly by sharing tools. Things like heat tools, eyelet setters, large punches, etc. This is also true for snacks and beverages.

Circulate an electronic list prior to the event of who plans to bring what. This will do double duty as a packing/reminder list for each participant.

Step 3 – What will you work on?

Pick your projects – be REALISTIC!!

Some of us haul our craft supplies around like a security blanket.

Consider the time you have to actually craft and then pick products that can be completed in that time frame. If you’re worried about finishing your project(s) and running out of things to do, choose projects with similar product needs. If you’re choosing to work on Christmas 2014 album pages, you might also take the pictures for Christmas 2015, or Christmas cards for 2016. All 3 of these projects will have similar colors, embellishments, stickers, etc, – so you’ll only need to bring your Christmas/Winter Section and your Rainbow Section.

There’s another benefit to picking your projects this way – you’ll stay FOCUSED!!! If you pack tons of project options, you’ll spend more time thinking about what to do than actually doing it.

Step 4 – The Packing Process

Before you finalize your list of what to pack, check with the event sponsor and find out how much space you will actually have.

Are the tables round or rectangle? Round tables are the most difficult to work with in terms of set up space since each crafter gets a “pie” shaped piece. If your event is using round tables, you’ll want to be very selective in what you bring. If you’re using rectangles, it’s a little bit easier.

Create a packing list based on areas of your craft room. Tools, adhesives, pens, paper, sections of your 4 Section System.

Mark things off the list as they go into your crop tote. When you clean up at the event, use this same list to be sure you’re going home with everything you brought.

Finally, pack your tote in reverse. The things on top of the tote will be the first things you need/want to bring out and set up.

Step 5 – At the event

Consider your space in 4 zones.

Zone 1 – Table top workspace, you’ll want at least an 18″ square if you’re working with 12×12″ layouts. I use a large 18″x 24″ cutting mat to mark this area. I put it down first so I’m sure to leave that area clear for working.

Zone 2 – Table Top Tool and Supply Space – this is where you’ll want to have your constant-use tools; rulers, adhesives, pencil, glasses, paper trimmer, just to name a few. Also perfect for Fab Files with photos or other supplies.

Zone 3 – Left Side of your chair.

Zone 4 – Right side of your chair.

How to set up your crop table. Laura bag filled with EZ2O Buddy Bags on the left. Crop Tote with Crop Crate Apron and Craft Binder on right.

Zones 3 and 4 will vary based on whether your are right or left handed. You’ll want the stuff you will most likely need closest to your dominant hand.

Here’s an image of what my crop space might look like.

This is what you see in the image:

Ditto – Desktop Tool Organizer
CTC – this is a Laura bag filled with Buddy bags – everything from glitter glue to photos.
Rolling Crate with Crop Crate Apron
Purple Craft Binder
Paper Handler
Fab Files, both 4×6 and 5×7

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by and read my ideas about attending a crafting event. I’d love to know if you found this information helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly.

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  1. will you be coming out with some new colors for the aprons and binders? I love greens (and my favorite seasonal color is coral w/a bright ‘minty’ green). I just ordered the black binder and plan to put charms on it to make it personal but I would love to get the apron in my favorite color(s).

    • Thanks for taking the time to write and inquire about the apron colors. We are planning a re-release of the apron early in 2017, but we don’t have all the details just yet. We’ll try to keep everyone posted via email and Social Media as we get closer.

  2. I just want to thank you for letting me join your group. I always thought I was organized until I watched and did your “Get Organize Challenge” for 2017…I learned so much. It makes more sense then the way I was doing things.
    Again, thank you so much and can’t wait to see what comes next.

    • Linda – you are soooo welcome! I’m glad you joined our group, it’s an amazing group of crafter’s. Happy to hear you found value in the Get Organized Challenge series – I have to admit, teaching is my favorite part of my job. Thanks for joining us.

    • I just have to carry it with me. I also have a slightly smaller mat, 16×22 that fits in the back pocket of my Craft Crate Apron. It’s a little easier to travel with. It is a Fiskars brand mat.

    • Here you go, Jacalyn – This is included on the page of the Travel class of the Get Organized Challenge series: /wp-content/uploads/2018/03/VACATION-List-JLAs-Scrapbook-Weekend-List_for-Tiffany.pdf

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