Take a look around my studio #2 – What’s on my desktop?

Not Much!!

My workstation is a simple “L” shaped desk from Office Depot. There are no drawers which makes it easy for me to work on either side. Great for big projects, but usually one side is my computer/“work” side and the other is the creative side. I don’t generally have other people working with me in the studio, but if I did, I could easily set up a folding table opposite my “creative” side and they would have space to work.

Let’s talk desktop

I try to avoid having things on the desktop. The more stuff I have on top, the more I’m moving things around and burying them under my projects. Other than my computer, I have a Rotating Design Board that holds my Planner Ditto Bag, allowing me to easily rotate the bag and access things on both sides.
You might be thinking, “what about all your basic office supply stuff?” I’ve got all of that in one of our Metal Maid Companion Carts. It’s labeled “office” and loaded with all the basic office supply stuff. I’ve also got a cart labeled “Design” which has everything I need when I’m designing a new product. I can put one cart under each side of the desk and still have plenty of room for my chair on either side. I’ve used the Craft Wrap Apron on both carts. The large pockets on the back of the apron are perfect for “paper” stuff, drawing tablets, etc.
The “office” cart also has a variety of craft tools – things I use all the time; paper trimmer, rulers, Cropodile, etc.

Finally, I’ve got a couple of larger paper trimmers (my small ones are in the side pockets of my Companion Cart apron) that get used occasionally when I need full 12×12 or I’m cutting though multiple sheets of paper. Both of those hang off the back of my desk using a couple Totally-Tiffany Purse Hooks.

My goal is always to leave my desk clear at the end of the day.  I’m happy when I can jump right into work without first having to clean up my workspace.

Thanks for following along as I take you on the studio tour.  If you missed the first post, you can read it here…

Please feel free to leave comments or questions below.

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    • Yes, they will be available tomorrow. Watch the WIBYCBI giveaway tomorrow at 10am Pacific, and you may be able to get one for FREE. Tif

    • We will after tomorrow. Will you be able to watch the WIBYCBI giveaway tomorrow at 10am pacific? You may be able to get one for FREE with your next order.

  1. After moving and now trying to set up a new much smaller craft area both of your take a look around my studio! The first one was Really helpful! Thank you so much for helping us!

  2. Would it be possible to get pics of under the desk? I am trying to figure out the legs and if there are any other obstacles.


    • Hi Denise – I’ll see if Tiffany can address the under part of her desk when she gets more into her rolling carts. Her desk only has metal bar supports on the very ends and then across the front. Keeps the cart(s) from rolling too far but no legs are under the desk itself. The glass-topped sectional-type desk system is available at Office Depot.

  3. Good morning! Are there holes punched into the trimmers to attach the purse hooks? That’s a great idea, but just trying to figure out the logistics. Like another poster, I moved and am in a much smaller craft space now, so it’s difficult trying to make room for everything… Thanks!

    • One of the trimmers has a “handle” that I hung from. I had my husband drill 2 holes and add the wire to the other.

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