Take a look around my studio #5 – Glitter Glue Galore

As I mentioned previously, my goal with the reorganization of my studio is not to arrange things in the “ideal” way for me, but to compromise between “ideal” and showcasing our variety of products.

With Glitter Glue, a catalog is sooo helpful. The color in bottle is not always what it’s going to look like on paper, especially when you’re using different colors of paper. Because we’re in the middle of a GOC, I’m going to create an entirely new catalog of my supplies, starting with Glitter Glues. I’m working on a Glitter Glue catalog as well as a full color option catalog. You’ll see both further on in this post.


I started like I always do by gathering all of my glitter glues together.

Some of my re-inkers ended up in my box, I’ll sort them out as I come to them. Right now I’m just focused on the glitter glues and finding homes for them.

Organize Glitter Glues, Craft Room Tour

Choosing storage tools

The first step is choosing which tools you will use to organize your products. With Glitter Glue, we have a few different options – Edna, Teresa, The Stamp & Supply Stadium, The Stash & Store 5 Drawer Supply case – who should use each of these?

Edna and Teresa are great if you travel with your supplies. They’re easy to access in your room, but drop easily into a crop tote for travel. Teresa will hold 10 Stickles bottles, Edna (shown empty) will hold 30.

The Stamp & Supply Stadium offers maximum visibility and accessibility, but isn’t portable. It’s perfect sitting on a shelf or in a cupboard. It does have mounting hardware on the back, so it can easily be hung on the wall.

It also fits in the Companion Cart, so you can roll it into the closet or under your desk for storage.

If you have a small number of glitter glues, you could also try using the Desk Maid Stadium Arranger and putting your glitter glues 2 deep in each section.

The 5 Drawer Stash & Store Supply Case is perfect if you always craft at home.

The trays in the S&S boxes slide all the way out.

Bring the full tray to your workspace, use what you need, then slide the tray back into place.

If you craft both at home and away, many use the S&S boxes for storage, then have a Buddy Bag for taking selected bottles to an event. The best of both worlds!

After gathering my glitter glues together, I started filling each of the storage options listed above. Load your supplies into your storage tools BEFORE you create your catalog. This will make it easier to assign a number or location to that item in the catalog.

Organize stickles, glitter glue with stadium arranger shelf.

I used our “Peek a Hue” color catalog sheets to create my color catalogs. I’m making 2 color catalogs, one for just glitter glues, and one for everything by color. I’ll add to the “color” catalog sheets as I work through my craft room.

Some of the glitter glues didn’t have a name or number – so I just made one up! I wrote the name on the top of the bottle, that way I would be able to find I easily when I needed it.

Organize glitter glues by color.

Tips & Tricks

Some of the glitter glues did not have a name or number. This was kind of fun because I got to name them myself.

I wrote the name on the top of the bottle – in hindsight, I would probably write the names of ALL of the glitter glues on top, because it will make them easier to find.

One last thought

I think it would be great if I could pull the glitter glue loaded Stamp & Supply Stadium out a couple of inches to get to the back rows more easily. My super handy husband is roaming around British Columbia taking pictures of Grizzly Bears (follow his blog if you like nature photography) right now, but when he gets home…

Petey & Park roaming around Bella Coola.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Craft Room Tour. I’ll keep posting bits and pieces as I move through the process of getting everything organized again.

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