The Companion Cart – Crafty little organizer

What do I hear most about the Companion Cart with the Craft Wrap Apron?
“I can’t believe how much this little cart holds.”
The second most common comment,
“I loved it so much I bought another one.”

This little cart is so incredibly versatile; from the pull out baskets to the “under the desk” height, it’s a tool I couldn’t imagine crafting without.

Designed originally for general craft storage, you’ll love these carts for organizing crafts by individual type of craft; one for scrapbooking, one for cardmaking, one for stamping…

General Craft Supply Storage

The most common use is general craft tool and supply storage.  All of your must have, everyday, all the time tools will find a home within easy reach when you store them in the Companion Cart.  Click the images in this post to view them in a larger format.

Dies and Card Making

This little cart is a powerhouse for card makers.  The Spellbinders Grand Calibur and/or the Crafter’s Companion Gemini will each fit in a basket on this cart.

Add the Desk Maid 4 Level Stadium Arranger and the Die, Stamp & Supply organizer to the other baskets as you’ve got the perfect system for your dies and card making supplies.  Embossing folders and acrylic stamps fit perfectly in the Die, Stamp, & Supply organizer along with your dies.

Stamping Supplies at your fingertips.

Finding the right stamp block, glitter glue or re-inker is easy when everything you use together is stored together.  Set up a Companion Cart with all of your stamping supplies for easy access. No more digging and searching for blocks, stamps or inks.  The Desk Maid, 6 Level Stadium arranger is perfect for small re-inker bottles, glitter glues, pears, Nuvo drops and other small bottles.

Our EZ2Organize Buddy Bags are perfect accessories to the Companion Cart, arrange them to fill a basket.  Roll back the lids for easy acess.

Needle work is portable.

Needle crafts are something we often do in the living room or TV room.  The Companion Cart is the perfect height to keep all of your needle work projects chair-side and accessible.  Easy to move from room to room.  The large pockets on the apron are ideal for hoops, large rulers, and knitting needles too.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn about a few of the cool ways to use the Companion Cart with the Craft Wrap Apron.  I’d love to see your pictures and hear how you’re using, or intend to use this handy little organizer cart.

Happy Crafting,

12 Responses to The Companion Cart – Crafty little organizer

  1. Just got the companion cart with wrap. I have been wanting one for a long time and then when it went on sale I got one for the great sale price. So easy to put together. It is sturdy and fits nicely under desk and craft table so it is out of way when not using. It holds so much and all at my finger tips while crafting. I love it. I will buy another one in the future. Lov, love, love it.

  2. I am looking for something like the Companion Cart.n The Paper cart will not work and the cutter cart does not meet my needs. Where can I find an outlet for discontinued items like the companion cart?

    • Hi Kathy –
      The Companion Cart and the Cutter Cart are very similar – same size, etc. If it is the top that you don’t care for, it can be removed easily. If you would like to email and let us know exactly what you need, we may be able to help. There are always a few odd things hanging out in the warehouse.

  3. Hi Tiffany,

    Just purchased the Cutter cart from HSN. Will you be selling extra drawers? A third drawer instead of the flat pull-out would be more useful in my craftroom. Thanks!

    • Hi Diana –
      Sorry for the delay,this comment got buried. We won’t actually be selling these, but if you wouldn’t mind emailing, we occasionally have some spare parts in the warehouse and Stephanie might be able to send one out to you. T.

  4. I’m trying to find one of the carts to purchase. Can you please let me know where I can purchase it. Thanks

    • Hi Vickie, our Craft Cart is currently out of stock but our Paper Cart will be back in stock in early Spring! When our Carts do come back in stock, you can purchase them from our website or

  5. Has anyone had problems with the wheels? My wheels are broken but not the wheel itself. It is the insert in the tube for the wheel. Can this piece be replaced? If so where can I get it? I am currently considering putting some type of flange and attach it to some sort of wood bottom and screw stronger wheels on the bottom. I would much rather have something that is made for this purpose. Hoping someone has and idea of some sort.

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