Take a look around my studio #4 – Fjalkinge Shelves, 2 hacks to make them more useful

Craft Room Tour shelving hacks

The shelves in my studio are called FJALKINGE.  You probably already guessed, they’re from IKEA. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’ve got lots of IKEA products in my world.

Why do I love IKEA?  The most obvious answer: great quality for a great price.  The not-so-obvious answer, but perhaps more important to me, is everything from IKEA is sooo versatile and portable.  If I decide to rearrange my studio, the IKEA pieces are easy for me to move around by myself.  If I decide I no longer need an IKEA piece, there’s a good chance I can use it elsewhere. In the odd event that I no longer need the piece, I can give it away or donate it without too much concern because it was relatively inexpensive.  Okay, enough about IKEA (I’m not getting a kick back, but I should be, don’t you think?)

Shelving hack #1 – Create more holes

One of my goals when I’m creating a workspace is to use the space I’ve got; top to bottom (T2B), left to right (L2R) and back to front (B2F). This can be nearly impossible when you’re working with mass market shelving.

These shelving units have metal frames and kind of a weird “squarish” hole where the shelf bracket goes in.

My superhandy husband didn’t hesitate over either thing – he choose a drill bit designed for metal and just drilled out a round hole.  Voilà custom shelving!

I had him add some holes specifically to fit some items specifically:
The 4×6 Fab Files on the top shelf.
The Stamp & Supply Stadiums down a little bit lower.
The Spinder Binders way down at the bottom.

Remember you need to leave some room to pull things in and out comfortably.  You also want to be able to see what’s “in the back” if you’re using storage products that will be 2-3 items deep.
On the shelf with my 5×7, 6×6, and 8×8 Fab Files, I was able to turn some of the 5×7 Fab Files on their sides so they pop up above the front row.  I do have to pull the front box out to get to the back box, but I can easily see the label, so I know what’s back there.

Craft room tour shelving hack #2

Arrgh….I was forever pushing thing off the sides of this shelving unit – so annoying!

Time to call in the superhandy husband.
He took a few measurements then disappeared out into the warehouse.
A short time later he returned with a stack of trim boards cut just the right length to wedge snugly into the grooves of the shelf frame.
The fit great, but they were a little ugly.

I grabbed the trim boards, my Rotating Design Board, a can of turquoise spray paint and headed outside.

Rotating design board is perfect for painting.

The Rotating Design Board (RDB) I use under my Ditto bag is my “go to” for spray painting.  It really “earned it’s stripes” with this project – LOL.

I didn’t “secure” the boards to the shelving frame.  I’m constantly moving things around, so I didn’t want them permanently “glued” to that location in the frame.  They do wedge in nice and tight, so I shouldn’t have any trouble with them coming out.

While the RDB might not look so great, the shelving unit is looking good and functioning better.

Thanks for stopping by for this installation of “Take a look around my studio.”  If you missed the first couple of posts you’ll find links to them on the right side of this page.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comment box below.

Happy Crafting!

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6 Responses to Take a look around my studio #4 – Fjalkinge Shelves, 2 hacks to make them more useful

  1. I also like IKEA shelves for their price, clean style and functionality;I’ve had to downsize from house to apartment and craft room hasn’t caught up with the space gap. I’m redoing my studio & not able to attach anything to a wall, an extra challenge!I work with various mediums & keeping it organized & accessible is high priority! Hard to keep everything where you can see it when space is at premium.

  2. Is it possible to buy extra shelves for this shelving unit considering you added extra holes? Or did you just use the shelves that came with it and you used the holes for a different height?

    • Yes, I believe it is possible to buy extra shelves. I just looked at the IKEA website, and didn’t see them available there, but the shelving unit on the IKEA site includes 5 shelves, and I have 7, so I must have been able to buy additional. I also have a narrower version of this shelf that has 7 shelves, but I didn’t see that on the IKEA site either. T.

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