Card Storage

Organize Cards with Totally-Tiffany

Our card storage products make it easy to keep your cards and card making supplies organized and accessible.  Storing cards by holiday, theme or event is easy when you've got the right card storage tools.

Whether you're a card maker, or you're saving cards you've received, Totally-Tiffany has the perfect card storage for you. Our products make your cards easy to find, easy to see, all while still keeping them orderly and neat.

Card Blanks & Card Storage

The Desk Maid, Die, Stamp & Supply Stadium will hold hundreds of card blanks.  If you have space on your shelf, or in cupboard - this the ultimate organizer for keeping your card blanks visible and accessible.  Yes, this does fit in our Metal Maid Companion Cart.

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The 3" Flippin' Storage Binder is a smaller version of our Big Fat Flippin' Storage binder.  The pages in this binder have 4x6 flippin' pockets on the front and 5x7 flippin' pockets on the back. It's ideal for cards you've made, card blanks, and other craft supplies too.

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Big Fat Flippin Storage Binder

Not only will this binder store all your cards, but you will be able to find and see all of them at a glance. Preserve your cards while keeping them organized. Comes with 3 pages, 33 4x6 pockets, 30 5x7 pockets.

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4x6 Fab File

Fab Files are excellent for card storage. Use tabs to make finding exactly what you are looking for easier than ever. This handy little Fab File can hold dozens of cards, card blanks, and envelopes.

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5x7 Fab File

For those cards that are slightly bigger but still precious. Protect your cards with this sturdy card storage case. Dozens of cards, card blanks, and envelopes easily fit in this Fab File.

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Our Karen Buddy Bag was designed with cards in mind. Great for storing supplies and completed cards, too. Holds dozens of cards, plus room for embossing folders, stamps, and matching dies.  Keep together what you use together!

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Card Saver Binders are an easy place to store cards you've created but are waiting to send.

Or create a beautiful library of cards you've received. Available in black with silver trim or red with gold trim.

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The Denise Buddy Bag will hold up to 60 cards or card blanks.

Denise has 3 sections which help to hold your cards and supplies upright.  You can easily use the Denise Buddy Bag as a file for your cards.

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ScrapRack Fantastic Five Storage Page will hold 8-12 cards or card blanks.

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The ScrapRack Fabulous Four Storage page will hold 16 cards or card blanks.

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Each ScrapRack Flippin' Storage Page will hold 22-33 cards or card blanks.

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