Embossing Folder Storage

4x6 Fab File  or  5x7 Fab File
or 5x7 Fab File w/o inserts

Each box will hold up to 25 embossing folders.

Use our Shut Your Flap tabs to label your embossing folders.

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Fantastic 5 Basic Storage page
Holds 4 to 8,  5x7 embossing folders.
ScrapRack Basic Storage Pages

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ScrapRack Flippin' Storage Page
Six - 4x6 pockets, and Five - 5x7 pockets.
ScrapRack Specialty Storage Pages

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Vertical Four ScrapRack Pages

Perfect for border embossing folders, up to 12" long.

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ScrapRack Straight 8 page

Use with 1x6, 2x6, or 3x6 embossing folders.

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12X12 Craft Binder & Flippin' Storage Pages

Customize with additional ScrapRack storage pages.

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Die, Stamp, & Supply Organizer
Customize the divider sections to organize Embossing Folders in all sizes. Each section will hold up to 12 embossing folders - over 100 total.

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Irene Buddy Bag or Karen Buddy Bag

Will hold up to 25 embossing folders - multiple sizes.

Handy to take to events. Stores easily on a shelf.

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Shut Your Flap Tabs - Small
Shut Your Flap Tabs - Large

Our Shut Your Flap tabs are the perfect labeling solution for embossing folders. Use the me with all of the storage items.

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The Flippin' Storage Binder is loaded with 3 Flippin' Craft Storage pages.  Each page will hold up to 10 embossing folders.

Flippin' Craft Storage Pages have a standard 3 hole punch and will fit in standard 3 ring binders.  Each Flippin' Craft Storage Page has 10 pockets.

Choosing the right Embossing Folder Storage

Embossing folders are an important part of every crafters stash of tools. Because they are almost all made of the same clear plastic, they can be a pain to recognize when they're all just dumped into a box, bin or drawer.  Watch the video below for a couple of quick tips on how to organize and store your embossing folders.

At Totally-Tiffany we offer a variety of options for embossing folder storage.  If you craft at home, you may want to add an embossing folder section to your ScrapRack.  You can also use our Flippin' Storage Pages to organize embossing folders in our Spinder Binder.  This is a great option if you travel with your embossing folders.

If you're looking for embossing folder storage on a shelf, the 4x6 or 5x7 Fab Files are an inexpensive and versatile options.

If you've got shelf space, don't over look the Desk Maid Die, Stamp, & Supply organizer.  This handy file box will keep your embossing folders visible and accessible.


At Totally-Tiffany many of our products have multiple uses.