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Stencils come in all shapes and sizes.  They're great for scrapbooking, card making and mixed media projects, but they are difficult to store.  At Totally-Tiffany we offer several options for getting your stencils organized.

The ScrapRack is a great option for stencil storage.  The most common sizes in stencils are 3x4, 6x6, and 12x12.  You'll see each of those sizes displayed in ScrapRack pages below.  Other storage options include Fab Files, the Desk Maid Die, Stamp & Supply organizer and 12x12 craft binders too.

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How To Organize Stencils

4x6 Fab File

This Fab File is perfect for organizing small stencils, ATC stencils and Kiwi Lane Accent templates.  Store each in one of our small Die, Stamp & Stencil pockets for a perfect mini-stencil file.

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6x6 Fab File
Fab Files can help you organize a variety of crafting essentials, including stencils. This Fab File can hold dozens of stencils.

6x6 Fab File Pockets - 5pk

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12x12 Fab File
Great for 12x12 stencils. Includes 5 tabbed pockets to help organize your stencils by theme, style, or holiday. Each pocket will  hold 2-3 stencils. Additional pockets can be purchased separately.

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Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer

Organize stencils of all sizes using the Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer. Keep all your stencils and dies in plain view to easily grab what you need without having to dig around in drawers or boxes.  Use our Fab File Pockets or Die, Stamp & Stencil Pockets.

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12x12 Fab File tabbed pockets
The easiest way to organize stencils is to label them by category, theme or holiday.  Our 12x12 Fab File pockets are ideal for stencil storage and organization. Fits 1-3 stencils per pocket. Works with 12x12 Fab File or Desk Maid Die, Stamp & Supply Organizer

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Lea France Stencil Organizer Kit

This product combination was designed for 12x12 Lea France Stencils and other 12x12 stencils too. It includes a 12x12 Craft Supply Binder, 12x12 pocket pages, and Shut Your Flap label tabs.  This kit will hold up to 30 12x12 Stencils.

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Trader's Twelve ScrapRack Page

One of our most popular products for organizing 3x4 stencils in brass, plastic or vinyl. Use it in our 12x12 Craft Supply Binder or on your ScrapRack. Makes organizing your stencils easy!

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12x12 ScrapRack SuperSized Single Storage

Easy storage for 12x12 stencils. Use our large Shut Your Flap Tabs to label each stencil. This 12.5" x 12.5" pocket page will hold up to 5 - 12x12 Stencils. Use these pages on a ScrapRack or in our 12x12 Craft Supply Binder.

ScrapRack Basic Storage Pages

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Fabulous Four ScrapRack Page

Perfect for 6x6 stencils. Each of the 4 pocket on this page can hold up to 5 stencils, up to 20 per page. These pages fit on a ScrapRack or in our 12x12 Craft Supply Binder.

ScrapRack Basic Storage Pages

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