Take a look around my studio – #1

Let me start by saying, I love a beautiful, matchy-matchy, craftroom as much as the next gal.  I get swept away looking at craft studios on Pinterest, and flipping through the pages of “organizer” magazines. However, what I love even more is being able to “craft on the fly.”  To have quick access to my supplies and feel motivated and inspired just looking at them.  I make a point of trying to ONLY write with sparkly gel pens or bright colored markers – that means they have to be accessible.  I try to use my craft supplies at every opportunity, and writing a shopping list is no exception.  There’s a strong possibility you’ll find a little washi tape on my shopping list too.

With the Fall Get Organized Challenge starting soon, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into my room and the tools I’m using.

I’m always asking, “What kind of crafter are you?” “Where do you craft?” “When do you craft?” “Who do you craft with?”…

Trying to keep in mind that there are a variety of different “types” of crafters out there, I’m going to try to arrange the products in my room to address a variety of crafters’ needs. I think this will also illustrate the HUGE value of going through the cataloging process. You’ll see stamps, punches, dies, etc. all organized in multiple ways.

This is the first post, and things look tidy, but they aren’t really organized. I’ve just sort of stuffed things into spots in my workspace until I can get back to them. I’ll go through each area over the next few days, adding, removing or changing things as I go.

Please feel free to ask questions using the comment box at the end of this post.

I also have a somewhat unique challenge with keeping things organized – I’m constantly removing my products from their organized homes to use them to demonstrate how new products work, fill samples for tradeshows, or to put together a good display for the products we are demonstrating on HSN. I’m hoping, by organizing in a variety of ways, I’ll just be able to pull things off my shelf when I need to do a demonstration.

Main goals when setting up my studio

#1 – Surround myself with supplies.

I want to be surrounded by supplies. Rather than having to get up and go look for things, I want to just rotate around in my chair and have things accessible. To that end, I’ve created a small “square” studio.

The distance from the front of my desk to the back wall, and from the left wall to the backside of my IKEA Expedit are only about 7.5′. The Expedit is on wheels and can be pulled in our pushed back.

#2 – Visible

The more you see, the more you use.  Maximize your use by having as much visible as possible.

#3 – The one-handed grab

If I’m working on a project there’s a good chance my right hand is occupied – holding a marker, pen or paint brush. Ideally I can grab whatever I need with just 1 hand so it isn’t necessary to put down whatever I’ve got in the other.


#4 – Easy clean up

You’ve heard it before – if it’s easy it gets filed, if it’s difficult it gets piled.  Okay, maybe you haven’t heard that exact thing before because I just made it up, but what you have heard me say is “if it’s easy it gets done.”  Keeping easy clean up in mind, I try to stay away from things with lids or multiple levels of “opening” (boxes inside boxes, etc.).

While my first craft studio had cabinets with doors, I’ve found I do a better a job keeping things cleaned up when I can “see” everything.

Thanks for stopping by today to see what I’m up to.  As I mentioned above, please feel free to leave comments or questions in the comment box below, I’ll try to get back to you quickly.

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Thanks again,

Totally-Tiffany initial - get organized with me.

28 Responses to Take a look around my studio – #1

  1. I can’t wait! I love this approach — that though things might look tidy, that doesn’t mean they’re organized. I too found that cabinets with doors — and likewise drawers — didn’t work for me. Opening them is an extra step, and I can’t see stuff!

    • Yes they are. I had my husband drill holes and add wires to the trimmers that I couldn’t hang. It works well, and they are accessible, but they do get knocked off occasionally. T.

  2. What size is your ScrapRack? I love that it’s accessible when you are sitting down crafting. I have a double, on a countertop, which means I have to stand up to use it. But that’s okay…I like to and need to stand periodically while crafting.

  3. Agree with thinking about how you use or need your space to work in. I used to have a big space in my finished basement- perfect for when I held crops and classes. now my needs have changed – health issues make it difficult to get to that space, my available time and crafting energy has changed cuz of health and other time demands, I don’t hold crops, and the kind of crafting I do and hope to do has changed. But my way of storage and organizing as well as what supplies I had was and still still stuck for my previous life. I am rewriting my rules for my storage, access, and keepers and give-aways. Shout out to you Tiffany, The Get Organized Challenges and to Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper, and author of The New Rules of Scrapbooking for my inspiration.

  4. I want her to come to my house along with Park and Petey of course. Wouldn’t that be something. I need to rethink my room, I have to get up for practically everything.

  5. I have taken your classes in the past and by following your recommendations, I too have a great layout now! I even had a lady come over to customize an L shaped table for me. But what I really like are your blue, green, red and purple curtains in the background on the left. Where did you get those?

  6. Tiffany, do you have your supplies set up in sections/stations? Like a paper section, Die cut/embossing station, inking/coloring station, etc?

    • Yes, and no, my supplies are constantly in motion because of classes, videos, HSN demos etc. With that said, it is my goal through these craft room tour posts to set up some more permanent residences for my supplies. I’ll be using our Companion Cart to corral dies, and die equipment. I’ll be using a cart for wood stamps and accessories, etc. I think “stations” are a great idea especially if they are mobile so you can have them out of the way when you’re not using them, but easily pull them to you when you need them. T.
      Companion Cart

  7. I have a neat craft/sewing studio in the lower level of our ranch style house. I Slp go to a stamping class once a month, and to weekend crops 6 times a year. The stamp class always needs similar supplies, so I made a duplicate set of supplies just to take to class. That way I ALWAYS have good tools ready in a case, not to be put away again. The weekend crops require more, but your 12 X 12 Fab Files are streamlining and reducing the bulk of what I haul! So, my suggestion is that you have a “demo set” of products always packed, and not take each item out of your base camp every time.

  8. I love the way your craft area is set up. I’ve tried that but my room is not large enough for the L thing you have and without it I have little space to work. Plus I can’t keep everything in my reach as my greats are still too little and they help themselves. I refuse to put everything up and eventually the two year old will learn not to touch without asking.

  9. So interesting to see your setup and the reasoning behind it. My biggest challenge is that my craft room is also my guest room & there has to be room for a queen sized Murphy bed to be pulled down without moving a ton of stuff! I’ve started putting as much as possible on wheels as you have done & love seeing how you fit so much in a small space! I’ve been a big fan of yours & your products & after taking the Get Organized Challenge 4 times I am finally starting to get my scraproom in order!

    • Hi Kimberly –
      Thanks so much for your support! It’s challenging to share your space. I’m with you on the “wheels” even if I was building from scratch I’d make everything mobile. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I’m going to try and get through glitter glues today – YIKES rounding them all up will be the hardest part.

    • I also have a pull down Murphy type bed. Mines actually called a wall bed and when you put the bed up it has an incorporated work table. I can leave some stuff out on the table but most of my storage is in the closet. I have my silhouette on a cart that I pull out. But I may want to try using a storage cart(s) for some other stuff.

    • There are lots of options – I use the Create365 brand from Me & My Big Ideas. They have them at big box craft stores with tons of fun accessories. There are other brands too. I like to be able to add stuff to my planner, so I use the WeR planner punch to create the funky holes required for the Create365 products. The WeR planner has different “punchers” for the different brands/types of planners. I went crazy and bought too many stickers when I first got my planner. I don’t use most of them, My best advice would be to buy a few things and use your planner for a bit then choose more stuff that fits how you plan. My favorite thing is a Create365 Checklist self-ink stamp. I use it almost every day. Maybe I’ll work on a blog post and go through my stuff, it’s so much fun, I love any excuse I can use to talk about it.

  10. I go to weekend crops quite often. The chairs are usually cheap and after 3 days my back is hurting big time. Do you recommend a certain type of chair? I would also have to transport this chair with all my scrapbook items. I also need one for my craft room.

  11. I love your working space and organization. I recently started watching you GOC dating back a few years I’ve seen e dry paper organizing one. Great ideas, also do u use the Cricut and any organizing tips. I love your desk was it custom made?

    • Thanks for joining us!!! I don’t use a Cricut, I have a Pazzles cutter and I use a lot of dies – I love my tiny Diamond Press. My desk is just an inexpensive glass desk from Office Depot. I like it because it is easy to move around. I does not have any drawers which is what I prefer because I like to move different storage carts in and out of my area depending on what I’m working with.

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