Deanna’s getting organized with her Desk Maid 4pc set and lots of other Totally-Tiffany stuff too!

Hi Everyone!

It’s Deanna Shell, Project Manager here at Totally-Tiffany.  I have been here for 2.5 years and feel very blessed to be a part of all things Totally-Tiffany! We are a family-oriented, dog loving, joke cracking group of women who work hard…aside from the occasional shenanigans, that is 🙂 .  I’m a crafter, so working for a company that specializes in craft supply organization is a really great fit for me.

So I thought I would tell you a little bit about my first day of working here!  I started on February 17th….the Monday after Tiffany had a Valentine’s Day sale. Ummmm…could the timing be any worse?  The term ‘Baptism by Fire’ is the only relevant way to explain those first few days, lol. Hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of orders meant I got a full-on crash course in all things ScrapRack. I saw packing slips in my sleep for a week!

After packing all those orders and seeing the whole product line, I wasn’t 100% sure if the ScrapRack was right for me. It looked like it took up quite a bit of room and I just really didn’t get it. Then Deanna's EZ2O Bags and SSG17came along the Get Organized Challenge – which focused me on my Craft Supply Organization. I was asked to film the classes every Tuesday morning and let me just say, after the very first class, I was on board!  I got myself all set up with the ScrapRack, pages, and dividers and I went to town. Funny enough, before I started, I thought I was a ‘Got A Lot’ because I had so many bins, totes, and drawers just filled to the gills! But look at my collection of stamps and ink pads!

Yep, that’s it, lol! My ink pads don’t even fill up my one Sue Buddy bag! You know what this means ladies?  I need to go shopping! I need more ink pads, like … right now, lol!

In the end, about 85% of what I own is in my ScrapRack, which hardly takes up that much space. Much less than all those containers stacked everywhere! The one thing I love the most about my ScrapRack is how fast it is to find what I’m looking for! For me, scrapbooking used to be about trying to find my stuff, then being irritated by how hard it was to find what I was looking for. Which led to trying to figure out a way to organize it all in a way that made sense. It was stressful and unproductive. Now, I can whip up a layout or a card in no time and even clean up my space just as quickly.  I love it! The ScrapRack is truly the master of craft supply organization.

Deanna's ScrapRack B11
My ScrapRack – 85% of my supplies are tucked in here.







It was fun transitioning all my various pens into the Pen and Ink Palace and the Tool Tower. I plan on painting the Desk Maid pieces once I can commit to a color!
My new Stadium Arranger is a great place for my glitter and smaller inks.

Deanna's Stadium Arranger SA10 Deannas Desk Maid Tool Tower and Pen Palace SPS12 & TT13

I’m really excited about the new Desk Maid products, but one of my favorite Totally-Tiffany items is the Laura Bag!

Deanna's Laura Bag
Deanna’s Laura bag. Perfect for needle arts projects.

Crocheting is my #1 hobby and my addiction to yarn makes me a ‘Got A Lot’. The Laura Bag is absolutely perfect for taking my projects on the go! And with 4 kids, I’m on the go a lot! The big pocket is great for keeping my patterns flat and the gusseted pocket is perfect for my keys, cell phone, etc. I have had multiple projects in this bag when I’m headed out of town and I love how much it can hold without feeling bulky or being cumbersome to carry. During a recent trip to Montana, my big sister tried snagging it from me. While I totally appreciate her effort, I can’t part with it. There’s always Christmas. 🙂

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