Crafting from the wall of containers

Yesterday I created a small project using my “containerized” supplies. (If you haven’t been following along, I took everything out of my studio and I’m working through the Get Organized Challenge along with everyone else. – Learn More)

I have to confess, some of my supplies have already been reorganized and moved into my ScrapRack, so there are a few holes in my container wall.

I struggled with a few things using containers.

The first – INSPIRATION.  Usually when I sit down to craft I can rely on being able to see things by just flipping through my ScrapRack.

GOC 9-16 Tiffany's Room - 1
Tiffany’s Triple-Base ScrapRack

In this case, there was nothing I could “see”.   I knew I was going to create a Thank You card, but because everything is in containers, I had to remember what I had that might work, and then track it down.

The second thing I ran into was not having a catalog to guide me to the stamps, dies, embossing folders, etc. that might be appropriate for this project.  I didn’t even look at dies or embossing folders because there are just too many to look through.  I was able to find a couple of wood stamp options in my tub-o-stamps.

I also had a little trouble locating things that coordinated well.  With my ScrapRack, I’ve got all of the colored things together in one section, so finding the right color of ribbon, washi tape or background paper is quick and easy.  In the tubs, it took a lot of digging and searching.

I’ve included a video of my card making experience above.

I feel a little like the people in the Aleve commercial, who just want their Aleve back – I just want my ScrapRack back!

On a side note, regardless of the organization system, any time I can spend part of my work day crafting, it’s a good day.

Thank you card - made during container crafting video.
Thank you card – made during container crafting video.


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5 Responses to Crafting from the wall of containers

  1. You are still on the right track Tiffany! It’s great to have a reminder for those of us who are on the road to Scraprack organization heaven☺️

  2. Thank you, that is how I feel every time I make a homemade card. Quick, I don’t think so. Usually about and hour plus, upstairs down stairs, this file that file. And so irritating that by the time I finish I don’t really care what the card looks like I’m already over it!
    You put in action what I have been unable to put into words!

  3. Oh my goodness! How true was that USED to be! By the time I came up with an idea, found the materials I needed and actually completed the card, an hour had passed. Really!?! An hour for one card!!! Now that I have my ScrapRack, things are much easier and I can get a card done in … well, after I get an idea … about 10 minutes! I so love having everything together in one place. Thank you Tffany for all the organization ideas you have come up with in the past for card crafting (the ScrapRack being #1). I look forward to your future creations!!!!

  4. Thank you so much!! This is the part of creating a card that all of the youtube videos leave out. Also a good incentive to purge, and use the scrap rack, as I see you spending a lot of time looking for the best choice. If you have fewer choices it won’t take so long. In the scrap rack you will see your best choices right off the bat. Awww, I feel for you. I know you will feet better once you are back in your scraprack! I experience the same things you are when I walk in to my mess of a craft space … jumbled, don’t know where to start … frustrated …

  5. IMO, the trick to containers is excellent labeling. A ScrapRack just isn’t possible for me in the space I have, so I need to be containerized. I simply keep like items together (eg all embellishments in the same type of containers, same with stamps, dies etc), and sort by themes, then make an easy to read label for it. I can and have put multiple themes together, if I don’t have much of each theme. Maybe not the most ideal, but it’s working for me

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