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Where are you crafting – at an event, on vacation, or just in your TV room? Regardless of where these 3 organizers are a perfect trio for simplifying the process of moving your supplies and keeping your workspace tidy.

At Totally-Tiffany we often refer to items like these as “basics” things every crafter should have in order to enjoy the time they spend crafting.  These 3 basics; the Lois Tote, Ditto Bag, and the Pop Up Trash Can all work together in every crafting situation.

Basic #1 Lois All Event Tote: Lois is a favorite for so many reasons but for the sake of this article we’ll just talk about 1 – how well Lois and the Ditto Tool Bag work together.

The Ditto Tool Bag fits flawlessly into the roomy 10×13 interior of the Lois tote.  Why is this important? After all, the Ditto has its own handle, so it can be carried on its own.  The Ditto handle is easy to use, but it does require a “hand” to carry it.  Which means, your hand is not available for handling other things like car keys, a beverage container, or some other crafty necessity.  The Lois tote gives your Ditto Bag shoulder straps and once she’s over your shoulder, your hands are free for other things.

I don’t want to say that crafters are hoarders, but we do have a lot of “stuff” and we like to be prepared by having everything we might possibly need. This can occasionally result in a Ditto Bag that is overloaded with tools and supplies.  Transporting your Ditto Bag in a Lois Tote helps to keep everything contained.  You won’t have to worry about anything “spilling” out and getting lost.  Anything that spills out of your Ditto will be contained within the Lois tote.

If the event that your Ditto Tool Bag is not overloaded, you’ll have extra room in the Lois tote for a 12×12 Fab File or Paper Handler too. 

Basic #2 The Ditto Tool Bag:  If you’re unfamiliar with the Ditto Tool Bag – I’m delighted to be introducing it to you now.  (Want to learn a little about the history of this product? Read my previous post – The History of the Ditto bag.) This handy tool bag was designed specifically for paper crafters and how we craft.  The pockets and compartments are the right sizes and shapes for the tools and supplies you use as a crafter.  You’ll love the “secret” paper trimmer pocket in the center of the bag – designed for your small personal paper trimmer.

My FAVORITE feature is the “split” – this bag splits open so you can see and access everything from both sides of the bag without turning it.  Another benefit to the split – if you’re at a crafting event, with limited table space, there are occasionally crafters at your table who “creep” into your space – the open Ditto helps to establish a border and keeps creeping crafters in their own space.

While the Ditto is ideal for papercrafting it’s super handy for other things as well – you might actually need more than 1 – Read a few more ideas in my previous post – 5 Ways to use the Ditto Tool Bag.

Basic #3 Pop Up Trash Can: Last but certainly not least – the Pop Up Trash Can.  This lightweight and portable waste paper can will help you keep your workspace tidy whether it’s next to the couch as you binge and craft or at the edge of your seat during a paper crafting event.  I’ve designed this can big enough to be able to easily hold large scraps, so you don’t have to worry about “stuffing” your trash into it.  It’s lightweight and has a small handle, so lifting it to the edge of the table and “sweeping” small scraps into it is easy too.  It folds flat and secures quickly with the attached elastic strap.  Once it’s flattened out, it will slide into your Lois Tote right next to your Ditto Tool Bag.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! 

Happy Crafting,

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  1. I just moved my ditto into my craft room after using it for a long time for my blood pressure montior and other medical needs. I found another solution for those but now I need to figure out how to best utilize the ditto. I tend to like less on my desktop but thing it opened along the back, it won’t take up too much space.

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