Desk Maid Art & Craft Desk Organizer – 4 Piece Set

Desk Maid incl Hot Glue Gun Holder

Pencils, pens, double-tipped markers, glitter glue, washi tape…everything is at your fingertips with our Desk Maid Art & Craft Desk Organizer set.

After years of being frustrated with the desk organizers that were available in the marketplace, we decided to create our own.  This set has a unique focus on Arts and Crafts.

wd-TT13 Blk loaded 1200The Tool Tower is 8 individual compartments with variable heights.  The front section is perfect for small things like tape runners and corner punches.  The middle sections are designed to accommodate things like pens, scissors, craft knives, bone folders, and other small tools.  The two tall and narrow back sections will keep your rulers and paint brushes standing straight for easy access.



The Stadium Arranger creates a graduated staircase of products, ensuring that you can see and use your craft supplies.  We’ve loaded the Stadium Arranger with loads of crafty things; washi tape, micro ribbon, baker’s Stadium Arranger with office suppliestwine, glitter glue, wood-mounted stamps, and glitter.  But don’t stop there – the Stadium Arranger is an amazing solution all over your house.  Consider how easy it will be to reach all those small bottles and jars in your bathroom cabinet?  What about spices, food coloring, and sprinkles in the kitchen?  The Stadium Arranger is a natural at your office desk as well.  Add our Clearly Organized Divider boxes and you’ll have the ideal organizer for paper clips, rubber bands, binder clips, push pins, etc. What will you put in your Stadium Arranger?


WD-SPS12 (4)Our Pen and Ink Palace is certainly a crowd pleaser.  Designed to store your double-tipped markers flat, as recommended by many manufacturers. The Pen and Ink Palace holds up to 17 markers per shelf (depending on the thickness of the marker).  Each shelf is graduated back half an inch, so markers are easy to grab and easy to replace.  The top section is a perfect place for re-inkers, distressing tools, and other craft supplies.




Last but not least, the Pencil Perch is perfect for the coloring crowd.  If you enjoy working with colored pencils or water color pencils, the Pencil Perch is a must have!  Imagine being able to see all of your colored pencils without digging through a basket or drawer?  Each Pencil Perch will hold 36 pencils.  For those of us with a colored pencil addiction, 2 or 3 Pencil Perches might necessary.  All of the pieces of the Desk Maid Arts and Crafts 4 Piece Desk Organizer Set are also sold separately, so you can add whichever pieces you need to complete your organized space.

Are you ready to get your desk organized?  Learn more about our Desk Maid Arts and Crafts Desk Organizer or Shop Now.

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3 Responses to Desk Maid Art & Craft Desk Organizer – 4 Piece Set

  1. omg, I soooo love this.. you can fit so many products in and I really love the way you can turn the shelves to what is best for what you are putting in it.. Truly an amazing, well built, sturdy and product… thank you so much for such amazing products..

  2. This set is everything I’ve been looking for. The Tool Tower is perfect for the larger items that never seemed to fit anywhere. Everything i need is now all together in one unit.
    I use the Pencil Perch for the current pencils choices on a project. It makes me more mobile and I don’t have to worry about them rolling about or getting them out of order.
    The Pen and Ink palace I absolutely love. Flip the drawer around; using the lip up or down or using them with the pull hole forward; makes it so versatile. It’s just amazing.
    And the Stadium Arranger stores your small rolls of ribbon, tape rolls,erasers, sharpeners and so much more. I’ve even stored my designer mat stacks in it.
    I am so happy I’ve found this set. It’s all my organizational dreams answered.

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