Die Storage – tips for using the Die File

You’ve invested big money in your die collection. Keeping your dies organized will help you use them more.  The Desk Maid Die File is the perfect solution for crafting at home.

Challenge – The Diamond Press sentiment/word die set, is very difficult to read.

Because word dies are backwards, reading them can be difficult.  With these Diamond Press dies, it’s especially difficult because the dies are black.

Organize Diamond Press Dies with Totally-Tiffany

Solution – Create a laminated version of dies

To make these more visible, I used my Diamond Press to cut an example of each die. If you’re unfamiliar with the Diamond Press die cutter, I would really recommend checking it out.  Even if you have a big machine, this little guy is my ggo-to!

After cutting all the dies, I laid the actual dies out on one of the panels of my Die File. (See the picture above).

Next, I opened an 8.5 x 11 laminating sheet and laid it over the top of the dies.

I placed the cut out version of the die on the laminating sheet, on top of the matching die.

Diamond Press organization with Totally-Tiffany

I closed up the laminating pocket and ran it through my laminator.

Learn from my mistake – I purchased laminating pockets at Office Depot and then found them at Target for about 1/3 less.

Diamond Press Die Organization with TIffany from Totally-Tiffany

This laminated sheet will sit on top of my dies in the Die File, so finding the exact die is fast and easy.

Bonus – Make a photocopy of the laminated die sheet and add it directly to the Winter section of your tool catalog.

Laminate dies and store with Die File Organize Diamond Press Dies with Die File from Totally-Tiffany

Slide the panel into your Die File and you’re done!  Sorry I don’t have a picture of this exact panel.  I’ll try to add one later.

Thanks so much for popping by today.

If you have questions about getting your craft supplies organized, please feel free to use the comment box below and/or email us your question directly – CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com.

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