Don’t leave your embellishments out!

I’m always amazed when I talk with ScrapRack customers at a show or convention and as they look through our sample ScrapRack they say  – “I never thought I could put my embellishments in my ScrapRack.”
   If you have a SR or you’re considering a SR purchase I hope you’ll get the most out of your SR by using it for “EVERYTHING!” and that includes embellishments.  Even things like Glitter can be included.  Simply put these tiny things, eyelets, brads, beads, glitter, charms, etc…. in small ziplock type bags.

Glitter, eyelets, buttons…..

Once you’ve filled the ziplock bags, you can just slip the bag into a pocket page in the correct section of your ScrapRack, whether it’s Rainbow, Theme, Holiday, or Alpha-numeric.  The next time you Craft, you’ll be far more likely to use more of what you’ve got because it’s at your finger tips.


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  1. There is where I am having a problem. I have so many embellishments that need to go in the rainbow section! It is overwhelming!,,

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