Our Double-Sided Duos do double duty.

One of my regular mantras – “Combine and Conquer” – is exemplified in our Double-Sided Duo  pages.  We’ve got 2 different DSDs – the 2×1 and the 4×1.  Both have a large 12×12″ pocket on the backside (that’s the “1” in 2×1 and 4×1).  The front sides, as you might expect, have 2 pockets (2×1) and 4 pockets (4×1). It’s like getting 2 storage pages in one.

The front pockets on the DSD 2×1 are 6″ deep and 12″ long.  This page was originally designed to hold full sized sheets of 12×12″ paper in the back pocket and coordinating scraps in the front two pockets.  It is still an excellent task master for this use.  This page does double duty as a work-in-progress storage page. When you’re working with something like Kiwi Lane templates, which tend to focus on larger “pieces”, put your base paper in the back pocket, and the cut out pieces for the project into the front pockets until you’re ready to assemble everything.

PD78 Collage 1200 x 300

The front pockets of the DSD 4×1 were designed as a project planner.  Two of the pockets on the front are 4×6″ which is ideal for photos.  The top pocket is 4″x 12″, so it’s great for borders and trims.  The last pocket, 8″x 6″, works perfectly for holding all of the little things you want to add to the project – embellishments, mementos, journaling notes, etc.

This page also does double-duty as a small Theme storage page.  If you’ve got a couple of sheets of paper, a sticker sheet and an embellishment or two that all go together as one theme – and that is the full extent of the supplies you have for that theme – the DSD 4×1 is a great way to keep all of those things together and only use 1 storage page.

PD79 Collage-1200x300
Kiwi Lane Templates, Project Planner, Kit Control – the Double-Sided Duo 4×1 can help with all of these things.


You can use our Double-Sided Duo pages with: The ScrapRack, The Craft Binder, The Template and Stencil Binder or The Spinder Binder.

Learn more about the DSD Storage pages – 2×1 or 4×1.

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