Embellishment Organization

One of the biggest challenges with embellishment organization is that there are so many little things to keep track of. Don’t get frustrated, get organized. Combine and Conquer your embellishments by using the 4 Section System. Click here to read more about the 4 Section System.
To get your embellishments organized group them together based on the 4 Section System. Once they are sorted you can store them in the same categories. I of course recommend using The ScrapRack Storage Pages.
To take better control of those little things use small zip-lock type storage bags.
Once you’ve got everything sorted and stored, you can use either a TravelPack Plus to keep them all together or just put them onto a ScrapRack Base Unit.

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  1. Hi Tiffany – bought a system last week and am actually enjoying getting it all in ONE area. My question is regarding paper and my "left-over" embellishments. What to do with patterned paper that isn't CLEARLY boys/girls/b-day/Christmas, etc? Also, what to do with my epoxy stickers with sayings that aren't easily categorized or spread across many themes? Thanks again for this WONDERFUL system. I'm telling everyone!

  2. Hi –
    There are 2 ways to think about these papers, first, if you bought it for something specific, that's where you should store it, i.e., if you bought pink flowered paper because you thought it would be perfect with your daughter's ballet pictures, file it with your other ballet products so it will pop and you'll use it as it was intended. Now, if you just bought that pink flowered paper because you thought it was beautiful in should be filed in the Rainbow section under pink. In my system, these printed/patterned papers are grouped in the back of each color section, I keep them sorted by: Florals, Dots, Stipes, and Plaids. If there is no "Dominant" color, they go in the very back of my rainbow section again grouped by type of Pattern (dots, stripes…)
    With regard to the words or quotes, I have a section in the Themes A-Z area labeled WOW (Words of Wisdom) this is where I put all the generic words, quotes, sayings.
    Thanks for taking the time to comment, I hope this answers your questions.

  3. Hi Tammy –
    I'm not sure I'm clear on your question. But I think the answer is yes, you can use the 4 section system in regular file folders, or 3 Ring Notebooks, it just won't accommodate 12×12. The other option is to start small, buy a few spinders and some pages for your 12×12 items, use the page protectors from the office supply store for smaller items. Watch the "Bargain Basement" in our website for a Base Unit – you'll save a few dollars, and be working towards a full system rather than buying other smaller things that won't really work. Does that make sense? Email me directly and I'll send you some pictures that illustrate what I'm talking about.
    I hope this helps.

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