Embellishment Storage Page – Specialty Storage Page Collection

The Embellishment Storage page is part of our Specialty Storage Page collection.  These pages are different than our Basic Storage Pages in a number of ways.  Most of the Specialty pages, including this one, are made of a heavier gauge of plastic, so they are quite a bit thicker and more stiff than the Basic Storage Pages.

At 11.5″ wide x 13″ tall, the Embellishment Storage Page is not as wide as all the other ScrapRack pages.  But with the tabs at the top, you can label each page and locate it easily in your ScrapRack or binder.

This page has 24 gusseted pockets. These pockets are 3′ x 3′ x .5″. There are 12 pockets on each side and a large pocket in the middle.

Also unique to this page are the locking flaps that cover each pocket. I’ve outlined one of them below to give you a clearer impression.

Embellishment Organization Page has locking pockets
Embellishment organization page locking pocket

The Embellishment Storage page is ideal for storing…you guessed it, embellishments!  As heavy-duty as this page is, it’s perfect for the biggest, bulkiest, pokiest, heaviest of your embellishments.

Each package of Embellishment Storage Pages includes 3 double-sided pages and 72 small, re-closeable baggies.   Load your baggies with brads, eyelets, bling, beads – even glitter, then load them into the locking gusseted pockets.  Consider having at least one of these pages in each of your Rainbow Section categories.

3 Embellishment Organizer Pages
Embellishment baggies for organizing.
Embellishment Storage and Organization
Red Embellishments in Storage Page Baggies

Heavy and bulky items are what the Embellishment Storage page was made for.  Chipboard alphabets and washi tape are easily organized in this page.
I sorted my chipboard by letter, putting multiples of just 1 letter in most pockets.
With the washi tape, I added piece of tape to the front of the pocket so it’s easy to see what the tape is at a glance.

Chipboard Alphabets organized in the Embellishment page.
Washi tape organized in an embellishment page.

Thanks so much for stopping by to learn about the Embellishment Storage page.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment here, call the number below, or email us.  We’re here to help!

1-866-226-1311 or CustomerService@Totally-Tiffany.com

3 Responses to Embellishment Storage Page – Specialty Storage Page Collection

  1. I love those pages although I haven’t yet purchased enough of them, I will do that as soon as I open my last shopping box!

  2. Tiffany, I’m new to scrapes and these pages. How do you handle static? Having issued with sequins and am really hesitant to put glitter in there. Please help. Thanks!

    • Hi Deb, sorry for the late reply! We just saw that a bunch of comments did not get automatically approved on our website.

      For dealing with static, you may want to look into anti-static products, like bags, etc. You could use these items to ”coat” the inside of your plastic bags before you add in your embellishments.

      Hopefully, this helps! ❤️

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