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Fabulous pretty much sums it up when it comes to this page design.  Each of the pockets on the Fabulous Four page are  just a bit larger than 6×6 which makes these pockets ideal for storing all kinds of craft supplies.

Stickers and stencils are obvious choices for the Fabulous Four Storage page.  Remember that you can and should put items into each pocket both facing forward and facing backward.

Use our Shut Your Flap Tabs to label stencils if you’re storing more than 2 per pocket.  You can easily fit 5 stencils into a pocket.

We recommend that you put 4-6 items in each pocket.  In the image above we’ve loaded up a pocket with six 3D-type embellishments.  Your goal is to create a balance between efficient use of space (the pocket), visibility, and accessibility.

In the example above, it’s easy to flip through the six items in the pocket and see what you’ve got.

Adding a Shut Your Flap tab to the pocket flap will help hold the flap down over the top of your “puffed up” pockets.

Get your un-mounted stamps organized, visible, accessible and USEABLE!!!  When you can see what you have you’re more likely to use it.  The Fabulous Four Storage page is an ideal place to store 6×6 un-mounted stamps.  Each pocket will hold 2 sets of stamps.  Use a Shut Your Flap Tab to prevent your pocket flaps from getting bent.  SYF tabs also make it easier to see and open the clear pocket flaps.

A tip for storing 3D type stickers/embellishments
Cut the top off of the packaging, but leave the stickers/embellishments in the thin plastic packaging envelope.  This will protect your 3D stickers and prevent them from getting “hung up” on each other as you pull them in and out of the pocket page.

Thanks for stopping by to learn a little about our Fabulous Four Storage page.

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  1. Excellent info. I thought one should only put one item in each pocket. At first I was stuffing the pockets to get the most out of each page but the pages seem to get weighed down and pull off the rings and eventually pull the velcro away from the spinder. I’ve got several spinders like that now. I’ve invested in more pages but it makes the SR that much bigger/longer

    • Hi Janice – I’m concerned to hear about your Spinder issues. One common issue is ScrapRacks getting set up on their “backs” – when this happens, the SR still works, but it causes a lot of stress on the Spinders. If you don’t mind sending a picture we can take a look for you, or there is a picture on the ScrapRack item page that shows the two different ways the base can be set up. If you do have defective Spinders please contact customer service so we can remedy that situation as well.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on this post.

  2. I live in Victoria , Australia, and was wondering where I can buy these plastic pockets with 4 pockets to each page, ie just over 6 inch x 6 inch per pocket.
    Also are they A3 size plastic pockets?
    These would make a great project to store all my stamps etc.
    Thank you

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