Fantastic Five Basic Storage Page

5 pockets for scrapbook supply storage

This page was actually designed by a ScrapRack user almost 10 years ago.  The combination of 5×7 and 7X5 pockets works extremely well.  The original idea was for 5×7 photo storage and organization, but you’ll be amazed at how many craft supplies fit these dimensions.
There is also that adorable little 2×2 pocket in the middle.

I’ve talked before about “deep” pockets in our ScrapRack pages.  The deeper the pocket, the more bulk you can put into it.  In the Fantastic Five Page,  things like dimensional stickers and red rubber stamps are a perfect fit.  With 3D stickers, I like to cut the top off the packaging but leave the stickers in the “pocket” of the package that is remaining. This keeps stickers from getting “hung-up” as you pull them out of the storage page.

Organize by holiday in the 5x7 pockets.

Embossing folders are a natural fit in the Fantastic Five Storage page. I like to attach an image of the embossing folder to make it easier to see the actual pattern.  In the image below on the right I put an overlay on the page to more clearly illustrate how the embossing folders fit.

Embossing folders in the Fantastic Five Page
P72 with overlay of poket pattern

How are you using your Fantastic Five Storage Pages?  We’d love to hear about it and share a picture or two with our followers.  Please email me at with your pictures and comments.

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