Finally a Crop Room at the office!!!

HOORAY – We’ve finally got space at the office to create a Crop Room.  I’m not sure if that’s good or bad – I might have trouble getting my work done if I can slip into the room next door and Scrap. 
Anyway, we thought this would be a great way to show you how we put some of what we preach into practice.  So I’ll be Blogging along as we get this room ready to use.  Here are the first couple of pictures of the room. 

I started by gathering all the Scrapbook Supplies together and putting them into a separate room.  If you’re creating a new room or space I would certainly recommend this.  It’s ugly, but it makes things so much easier when it’s time to start putting things away.

 Pic #2 – MY PURGE BOX
 If you’ve taken our seminar or watched our video, you know that I’m a huge advocate of “purging” your supply stash on a regular basis.  This was a great opportunity to “purge.”  I had a whole box of supplies that the art teacher at my boy’s school was delighted to receive. 
The new room is actually too big to be an efficient scrapbook room.  Again, if you’ve taken my seminar or watched the video, you know I strongly believe that having everything within “arms reach” or should I say “rolling chair reach” is one of the biggest keys to getting scrapping done with as little frustration as possible.  In order to make this “big” room “small” we used an “L” shaped desk.  The cabinets were already here.  They are kind of a funky set up, so we’ll have to see what we can do to make them more user friendly.
What happens next?
Next we go to Atlanta for the Scrapbook Expo.  When we get back we’ll decide how to decorate and then we’ll start the painting and decorating process.  That’s the fun stuff.  I hope you’ll find time to check back in the week after the Atlanta show and see how things are coming along. 
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