Finding the Will Power to get Organized

Being organized, Getting organized, and Staying organized, have so much to do with finding time and motivation.  In the hectic world we live in extra time is very difficult to come by and staying energized at the end of a busy day for an organization task can be less than motivating.

   If you’ve taken any of my online classes or you’ve come to see me speak live, you know I’m constantly talking about your brain and the power it wields in your organization process.

Since we just concluded the first “Get OrganizedChallenge” of the year, I thought this would be a good time to share with you my latest, greatest find in motivation;  The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal, Ph. D.

  This book does an excellent job explaining how willpower works and the importance of not only “will” power, but also the importance of “want” power, and “won’t” power.  It’s always easier to follow through on something when you have better understanding and this book was an eye-opener.

 The Willpower Instinct uses humor, history, and entertaining anecdotes to explain what is happening in your mind that either aides or impedes your success.

  One of the best parts of the book are the “Experiments” at the end of each chapter. These small tasks give you the step-by-step instructions for putting your new knowledge to work.  I initially purchased this book on Audible so I could listen while I was walking.  After completing the listening I purchased the hard copy so I would have continued and easy access to the “experiments.”

  What would I recommend for you?  If you have a hard time finding time to read, I would certainly recommend the Audible Version.  It’s better to at least “hear” the information than it is to buy the book and have it collect dust on your nightstand.  Truthfully I do this regularly; listen on Audible and then buy the book.  It’s kind of a good “test” for me.  If I listen and then continually go back to try and find the “to-do” part of a book, I know I’ll use it, so I’m okay with buying the hard copy.  I usually visit the Half Price Books Store in Tacoma before buy a brand new copy.  You can of course purchase new and used editions on Amazon.
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