Get Organized in 2014 – Start with an Index card

As so many of you already know I believe that 90% of getting anything done is making it easy.  Even difficult tasks can be broken down into easy steps.

If one of your goals this year is to be more organized and accomplish more, try reducing and simplifying your daily “to-do” list.

Reduce the size – switch from using a full sized sheet of paper to a small 3×5 index card.

If you choose to use the colored index cards it will be easier to find the card on your desktop, in your purse, briefcase, etc.  For men, a small index card fits easily into your breast pocket. If it will fit in your phone case – even better!

Simplify – break your day down into – just 2 or 3 parts.  For me, it’s 2 parts, Before Lunch and After Lunch.  Some people use morning  (before 10) mid-day (10-2) and afternoon (2-EOD). Put the 2 or 3 most important things you need to get done on the list and nothing else.

 Carry the card with you, put it on your computer keyboard, or your telephone, – each time you feel like you need to do something other than what is on your list, tell yourself, “I’ll do it when my list is complete” and resist.  Complete the list first, then do whatever you want to do.

The end result will be that the important things get done , and the things that are unimportant just evaporate.  The majority of your day is most likely spent doing things that don’t really matter in an attempt to avoid committing to what needs to get done.  Once you commit and see the results, you’ll be amazed at how much more productive you can be in so much less time.

Errands – YIKES
 Running errands can suck up tons of time, cost you extra money and be the source of lots of frustration.  Make regular errands a regular part of each day.  Monday – Grocery, Tuesday – Dry Cleaning, Wednesday – Target…..etc.
On Sunday night create your index cards for the week, just put the date on the front, on the back put the errand list.  As you think of things you need at the grocery or Target add them to the list.  Once you get yourself into a routine you’ll become a better planner – saving money and TIME!!!

Wishing you a peaceful and simple 2014,

Are you a crafter?  We’ll start our next Get Organized Challenge on January 21st.  It’s fun, it’s Free and you’ll feel FABULOUS once you get your craft supplies organized.  Click here for details.

5 Responses to Get Organized in 2014 – Start with an Index card

  1. Tiffany, these tips are so perfect and I feel like they are meant just for me! Often times I end up doing other things than what I had listed on my "to do". You are so right on – I think I do these "other" things to subconsciously avoid the written ones! I just had a light bulb moment!
    I just put a good quote in my planner from Daivd Allen of GTD – "You can only feel good about what you are not doing, when you know what you are not doing".
    Happy New Year! Cecilia from WA and ScrapRack owner since 2005! 🙂

  2. Great tip! I would be lost without my Daily To-Do list. Thanks for always being there to support us. I've promoted your class and have signed up – again. 😉

  3. I like to use index cards. I have lots of plain white ones I use for stamping. Don’t always need a full sheet of paper. And the colorful lined ones I cut in half and when I use a stamp for a card I write who it was for and put it in the packaging of the stamp I used.

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