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Hi Crafty Ladies –
We are thinking about hosting a “Get Organized” Webinar beginning in January.  We’re considering two different formats – a 2 hour, basically “lecture” style event, or a weekly 15 minute event.
The two hour event would be similar to the seminars we teach around the country.  The weekly event would be more “project based”.  We would discuss one particular type of thing and then give out a weekly “assignment” for getting that thing organized. When we met the following week webinar participants could upload photos, discuss challenges, and most importantly Share Success!!!
What are your thoughts?  Do you have organizationally challenged crafty friends? We’d love to know what their thoughts are as well so please feel free to share this blog post with them.
Looking forward to hearing what you have to say,

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  1. I love the idea of the webinar! I'm thinking most people won't be able to sit through 2 hours all at once, and the idea of getting a "homework assignment" and then reporting back is the best way to put the ideas into action. I LOVE my scraprack! Have traveled now to about 3 weekend crops and find everything I need in a matter of seconds!
    Pat in NJ

  2. I agree. I know some of us work full time outside the home and finding time to sit for any stretch of time is near impossible. 15 minute webinars and homework that will result in being more organized sounds like more fun than work! Sharing/networking with other people is also fun and you learn things that you might not have considered so it's a win win all around! Thanks.

  3. Would love the idea of a weekly or bi-weekly webinar with homework. Not sure if I'll be ready to take part in January, working on creating a crafting area in a walk-up attic and may still need 'walls' in January (windows are going in 12/16/10). Had hope to have the space usable by now but almost 12 inches of water in the basement last summer re-directed time & resources so that water next spring won’t cause as much problems. Nothing within 4 feet of floor that can’t handle water is the ‘new’ rule! Hope that any webinar will be viewable after original airtime for those like me that might not be ready to start when it airs but want to participate or at least have a map to follow when we can find the time/space/energy to participate.

  4. The 15-minute weekly events sound good to me. I bought my ScrapRack in August and have been struggling with getting organized ever since. Taking small bites with specific assignments should give me the structure to tackle things in a sane way. Kari in NC

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