Get your Glue Dots, Pop Dots, and other Adhesives Organized

Hi Scrapper’s –
 We’ve spent the last couple of weeks moving into our new offices.  One really nice thing about our new space is that we’ve got a separate “scrapping” room.  Imagine having a place to crop while you’re at work (this could be dangerous).  Anyway, as I began moving into this new scrapping space, (which gave me a chance to PURGE), I had a great idea – I think it was a great idea, you might feel differently.  I had always kept all of my adhesives together.  As I was rearranging and reorganizing, I thought, why not put all those flat adhesives into a couple of storage pages, that way, I would be able to see them without digging through the pile.  So I did, and it worked great.  I took my Pop Dots, Glue Dots, Foam Squares, and a bunch of other flat adhesives and put them into a couple of pages.  then I added plain self adhesive photo corners and my small clear “memorabilia” envelopes, you know the type that you put baby teeth, or hair into.  I have to say, not only can I see what I’ve got, I can see how much of it I’ve got.  I think it’s giong to work out well.  Here are a couple of pictures.  I used the new Mix-N-Match page and the Fabulous Four.  Let me know your thoughts.  This also makes it really easy to take them to a crop!


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