Getting crafty in The Crafty Casita

For weeks I’ve been looking for the perfect artwork for the living room in the Crafty Casita.  I found a few good options, but nothing that was really “perfect.”  I knew I wanted something floral and “girly” – finding the right color combinations was proving to be quite challenging.

Last weekend I was in HomeGoods with my mom.  I found a set of 4 prints that I really liked, but again, the colors were not what I envisioned. 

homegood wall decor

Then – BOOM! The voice in my head spoke – “Hey, craft girl – just paint over the white flowers with whatever color you want and create your own custom home decor.”  LOL, I’m no artist but I can certainly layer on new paint.

I got home, rolled out my craft table, grabbed a 4 Level Stadium Arranger (available at larger JoAnn stores), pulled out my painting Tool Tower (also available at larger JoAnn stores), and got busy.  Oh – also made significant use of the roll of paper towels I keep in a Leanne Buddy Bag.

painting supplies for creating custom home decor

I was a little nervous about my painting skills. These prints were not expensive – I think they ranged from $24.99 to $69.99 – but they were too expensive to toss in the trash if I messed them up.  I started with one of the smaller prints and immediately noticed it had an almost “plastic” coating.  While I was painting, I discovered I could take a damp paper towel and “wipe off” the paint while it was still wet, the canvas wiped completely clean.  Knowing I could correct a mistake relieved any stress about ruining the prints.

woman painting custom home decor

I started with the canvass that needed the least amount of change.  The center of the flowers on this cavass were orange and yellow. I just wanted to change them to pink.  I used the fabric swatch from the ottoman to match colors.

painting custom home decor
painting flowers on canvas
painting vase of flowers
woman looking at custom home decor

PERFECTO!  It looked exactly as I was hoping.  With my newly found confidence, I moved ahead to the next canvas.  This canvass had lots of orange and yellow, I wanted to keep some of that, but add in pinks as well.  I selected a few elements and made the changes.

flower canvas artwork
painting flower home decor
flower painting artwork

The final canvass was the largest.  I wanted to pull in a little more of the teal, coral, and lime colors from the fabric swatch.  Changing the label colors on the jars was an easy solution.  I painted over each of the labels and then wiped off some of the paint. This technique helped to keep the “aged” look without depending too much on my painting skills (or more correctly, my “lack” of painting skills).

painting of bottles and vases
updated painting of bottles and vases
woman sitting at table painting custom home decor


before unpainted flower artwork


after painted flower custom home decor artwork

Tips for choosing artwork to alter:

Look for something on a canvass that you can wipe clean.

Choose a style of artwork that is “forgiving”. This particular art was “messy” and imperfect, so it was easier for me to copy.  Something more formal would require better brushes, better paint, and a more steady/trained hand. 

Don’t worry about light and shadows, you can just copy what the original artist has done. If you’re concerned about not being able to remember what’s under the layer of paint you’re adding, take a picture of the canvass first – you can refer back to it later if needed.

What’s next?

I really enjoyed this whole experience and I’m THRILLED with the final product.

custom home decor hanging on wall with pink couch

I’ll definitely use “altered art” again to create my own custom home decor pieces.  I’m thinking I could even add something dimensional, like silk flowers to my next project.

Thanks so much for popping by today to see how this project came together,

Happy Crafting!

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  1. WOW! I’ve never even considered painting after my catastrophic projects in school art classes, and now steady hands are non-existent for me! However, repainting ‘messy’ art would definitely be worth a try! Thanks AGAIN, Tiffany!!

  2. What a brilliant solution! I’m going to look through some of my retired prints to see if that would work for me.

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