Best Buddy Bags for glitter glue and reinkers

Glitter glues like Stickles brand and re-inkers in a variety of brands, are mostly packaged in a small bottle – generally .75″ around and 2.75″ tall.

Storing these small bottles in a Buddy Bag is a great option especially if you travel with your supplies – either across town or across your home.

There are 2 Buddy Bags that are ideal for managing these little bottles.

Teresa Buddy Bag Organizer BSFP-SNG07

The Teresa Buddy Bag will hold 10 bottles. Perfect for keeping small collections of glitter glue together or organizing re-inkers by brand or color.  The Teresa bag will also hold 10 small glitter bottles.

30 re-inkers, glitter glues in edna buddy bag

The Edna Buddy Bag will holdup to 33 of the small glitter glue or re-inker bottles.  Edna is a good choice if you have a plethora of small bottles or if you also have the wider 1.25″ bottles.  These are the Studio G brand.

The advantages to both of these bags are the same – they’re clear, they’re lightweight, they’re portable, and they’re affordable.

If you’re using them in a drawer, try rolling back the top, so your bottles are accessible while you’re working at home.

If you’re looking for more organization and storage options for your small bottles – view our “We’ve got an organizer for that – small bottles page.”

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