Hot Glue Gun Holder, craft room essential!

Beth Kingston of Kingston Crafts – Hot glue Gun Holder

If you’ve ever used a hot glue gun, you’ve probably been faced with the task of scrapping glue drips off your work surface.  Or maybe burying a “hot” hot glue gun under something on your desk and then smelling something that was getting a little too hot.   Have you ever had to go on search for glue sticks when you’re half way through a project?  If any of these situations have popped up in your crafting life, you need a Hot Glue Gun Holder.

The Hot Glue Gun Holder  has a small glass tile designed to catch the drips from your hot glue gun.

Dried, cooled glue drips are easy to pop off the glass surface.

The glass tile is glued into the Hot Glue Gun Holder so it will not fall out.

No more searching for glue sticks mid-way through a project. The cup at the end of the Hot Glue Gun Holder  is designed for storing glue sticks. It will accommodate both the long and short sizes, and both the fat and thin widths.

There are many different types and sizes of hot glue guns in the market place.

We designed the “V” hot glue gun rest to work with most of them.

The small “L” braces at the back keep your glue gun from slipping backwards.  the break between the “L”s is for your power cord.

What types of glue guns can be used with the Hot Glue Gun Holder?

As I mentioned above this tool is designed to be somewhat universal.  Great for corded or battery powered glue guns.  The images below will show you a few examples of the different types of guns I have and use in  my craft room.  (Click on the images below to view larger.)

I know I’m a little bit biased about our products – I tend to think of each of them as one of my children – but this tool is so useful so often, I can’t imagine my craft room with it!

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a bit about the Hot Glue Gun Holder.  If you’re a crafter and you don’t have one, you need one! What else will our Hot Glue Gun Stand hold? Read my next blog post – 3 More ways to use your Hot Glue Gun Holder.

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  1. I have to get one of these. A lot of times when I’m crafting I craft on my cutting mat which covers my entire work bench. Well my glue gun ended up heating up the mat so much that it made it big bump in my plastic cutting mat!!! It went down as it cooled but, that mat is sooo expensive!! I will not let that happen again! Ordering this ASAP!

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