3 More ways to use your Hot Glue Gun Stand

Saying that our Hot Glue Gun Holder is handy to have is a bit of an understatement, for me it’s a necessity for more than just my hot glue gun.  There are multiple uses for this little stand, here are a few of my favorites, and reason you should own more than one.


If you use a large adhesive/tape runner like the ATG or the Xyron Mega, you are going to LOVE the Hot Glue Gun Stand as a adhesive runner stand.

Quit burying your tape runner!  Stand it up in the Hot Glue Holder, rest the sticky end on glass tile, fill the cup at the end with refills and your favorite scissors, pens and other tools, and you are good to go!

Hot Tool Stand

Looking for a place to rest your hot tool so you don’t have to turn it off? The Hot Glue Gun Holder could be your perfect hot tool stand too.

The deep “V” in the stand will hold most hot tools – general crafting, woodworking, etc.  Use the cup at the end to hold your other “most used” tools.

Perfect for painting with glue.

I use a lot of white glue, and I most often prefer to spread it with a paint brush.  The Hot Glue Gun Stand is a perfect wet paint/wet glue brush stand.

I generally squeeze a puddle of glue onto the glass tile and then dip my brush in it.  It’s easy to rinse the excess glue off the tile when I’m done.  Now that I’m thinking about it, it would probably work well for small Mod Podge/decoupage projects too!

How are you using your Hot Glue Gun Stand? If you’re using it in some creative way, please do share your idea with us!

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  1. OOO, thank you for the inspiration on the wet paintbrush. I already use it as a ATG stand and love it, since I don’t hot glue very often. Thank you for your creativeness and actual usefulness in your products. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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