Week 3 – Stamps, Dies, Embossing Folders…

Tons of challenges

Paper crafting tools, like dies, stamps, embossing folders, punches, stencils…offer a unique set of challenges.  They are a weird variety of sizes, shapes, and weights.  Some of them like dies, require other tools in order to be able to use them. Some things work together only and specifically – like outline dies that coordinate with matching stamps – the die is useless without the stamp, but you could use the stamp without the die…so many challenges!

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2 Ways to organize

If you’re a tool lightweight, meaning you’ve got a few, but you’re probably not going to add a bunch more to your collection you can simply integrate the tools them selves or examples of the tools directly into your current organization system.  (If you’re a tool junkie, and most of us are, skip down to option 2.)

Integrate or represent

This is exactly what it sounds like.  For small, flat tools like stamps, dies and embossing folders, you can add these tools directly into your 4 Section System – where they best fit.  As an example, a Birthday themed set of stamps or embossing folders would go into your birthday section. That might be a section on your ScrapRack (see image below), in a Fab File or even in a ScrapMaster.  Dies and stamps can be stored together in our Die, Stamp & Stencil pockets before you add them to your system.

For tools that are not “flat” like punches – create a representation of the punch mount it on a piece of cardstock, make a quick note about where it is located in your craft stash, and add the cardstock representation to your 4 Section System.

Embossing Folders in your ScrapRack, Totally-Tiffany

Option 2 – Create an all inclusive catalog

This is definitely the option I recommend.  Creating a catalog will simplify every aspect of your craft tool storage, use, and even shopping.  It will also help you reduce the amount of time and frustration you experience when looking for something you “know” you own.  (Need more motivation? Read – 7 reasons to create a catalog.)

Catalog your scrapbooking paper crafting tools

Overwhelmed at the thought of it!!!

Yikes, are you overwhelmed at just the thought of creating a catalog?  Don’t be, keep these things in mind if you’re feeling like this task is just too much to do:

  • It doesn’t have to be done all at once.
  • It doesn’t have to be done in any order.
  • You can’t mess it up by leaving it and coming back to it.
  • You can do it in chunks, bits and pieces or even as you work with your tools one at a time.

So, take a deep breath just get started, as Mary Poppins would say, “Well begun is half done.”

How to organize punches with totally-tiffany

The catalog above shows a mix of dies, stamps, and punches all on the same page.  It is better to include all of your tools in one catalog than it is to create separate catalogs for each type of tool.

How to – posts and videos

Organizing dies, stamps, etc – video

Create a basic catalog – steps and supplies.

Creating a catalog for dies – includes storage solutions.

Why catalog using a numbering system?

5 Common questions about embossing folder organization.

Organizing Punches.

Choosing storage

There are a variety of storage options for each of your tool types.  The first step is determining – what type of crafter are you?  If you’re not sure, check out the “What type of crafter are you?” blog post.  Choosing storage options that work with the type of crafter you are is very important.

Printable Shopping Lists

Download and save or print these lists to help you plan your purchases during the Really Big SALE!


Desk Maid

Fab Files

Punch & Supply Packs

Buddy Bags

We’ve got an organizer for that!

If you haven’t yet discovered the “We’ve got an organizer…” page on our website, now is a good time to check it out.  This page groups products by type – dies, wood stamps, unmounted stamps, stencils, markers, ink pads…and then presents you with storage options for each category.  Learn More.

Steps to take

Step 1 – Determine what type of crafter you are.

Step 2 – choose an option – will you create a catalog or represent and integrate?

Step 3 – Gather your tools together and determine the right storage options for the tools you own and the “type of crafter” you are. Print your shopping lists – options below.

Step 4 – Create your catalog or representations – get step by step instructions for each individual type of tool by watching the videos or reading the posts listed above.

Step 5 – When your storage options arrive get busy organizing!

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

Happy Crafting,

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