Thickers Sticker Organizer

If you love working with Thickers Stickers, but struggle to keep them organized we’ve got two simple solutions.

Organize Thickers Stickers with our 12×6 supply box or in your ScrapRack – it’s sooo easy.

You’ll want to organize them within your 4 Section System regardless of the type of storage tool you’re using. Generic alphabet colors and designs will go in alphabets and numbers, themed or holiday stickers will be organized within that particular theme or holiday.

If you prefer the 12×6 Supply Box and 12×6 Storage Pockets…

Thicker Sticker Organizer Set from Totally-Tiffany

Our 12×6 Supply Box, which was designed for Kiwi Lane Templates, is the perfect size for storing Thickers.

We definitely recommend using the Single Pocket Storage Cards as well as the Large Shut Your Flap Label tabs to help keep everything well organized and easy to access.

Three easy steps:

Sort your Thickers – 1) generic alphabets, 2) themes (alphabets & other Thickers), 3) holiday/season (alphabets & other Thickers).

Add labels – Use 1 label tab per Thicker set, or use a label tab each time there is a change from 1 category to the next.

Store in the 12×6 storage box.

12x6 Organizer pocket for scrapbooking - KL-SNGL

Use a ScrapRack or 12×12 Craft Organizer Binder

12x6 Sticker, Thicker Storage, Totally-Tiffany HSN

The Double X-Long Storage Page is the perfect choice for sorting, organizing and storing Thickers Stickers.

The vertical pocket design is ideal for Thickers because they are longer than 12″. The top of the packaging can easily stick out the top of the pockets.

Each pocket will hold up to 4 packs of Thickers.

Storage Tip:

Cut the top off the Thickers package, but save the clear plastic packaging. Thickers are dimensional, so they can be difficult to “slide” into the pockets. Keeping the packaging insures that your Thickers won’t get hung up on each other as you pull them in and out of the pockets.

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If you have other ideas for using our products to organize Thickers, I hope you’ll take a minute and share your ideas using the comment box below.

Happy Crafting!

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