HSN 24 Hour Craft Day Sneak Peek

It all starts at midnight Eastern time!!!  Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be airing tomorrow – November 6, 2017.  A few of these items are HSN Exclusives, so if you need them, order early – HSN regularly sells out of our products.

Over the Door Storage in 4 Colors – 1:25am

In the 1:00am hour (we’ll be on around 1:25am – all times are eastern) – we’ve got our Over the Door storage system in 4 colors – black, turquoise, pink, and purple.

Each set includes; a 4 pocket panel, a 9 pocket panel, a 20 pocket panel, 8 connectors and 4 over the door hooks.

These are made of heavy canvass, not the typical lightweight fabric shoe bags are made from.

Organize craft supplies, over the door, 4 colors.

Punches, Stamps, Paints, Ink Pads, Pens… 8:00 am hour

Our 2 newest Desk Maid items will be available EXCLUSIVELY  on HSN today – and at a great price.

We’ll have all 4 large Desk Maid organizers – including our 2 newest designs available during this airing.

What’s new?  The XL Pen & Ink Palace and the 4 Level 15″ Stadium Arranger.

Organize pens, markers, ink pads, on your desktop with Totally-Tiffany

You loved the Pen & Ink Palace, but wanted a bigger version to hold more stuff.  Here it is!  The XL Pen & Ink Palace is 15″ wide.  It will hold dozens of markers, ink pads and other supplies.  HSN product #584615.

The 4 Level Stadium Arranger – HSN Exclusive

Okay, it’s time to get those shelves and cabinets organized.  Our 4 Level Stadium Arranger is 15″ long and has 4 levels for organized everything from glitter glues to mists and sprays.  HSN product number 584613.

Desktop craft supply storage unit. Desk Maid by Totally-Tiffany

This organizer was designed for your craft room but it will work equally well in the garage, kitchen or bathroom.

Use the Desktop Craft Supply Storage Stadium to organize your craft room.

Jumbo Color Keeper Bundle – 4 colors available

Last, but certainly not least, this product bundle will air around 12:45pm EST.

This bundle includes our NEW Jumbo Colorkeeper, the NEW Magnetic Design Board with 13″ Ruler and our 12.5″x12.5″ Rotating Design Board.  HSN product number 584616

The Jumbo Color Keeper will hold dozens of pens, markers, or pencils.  Folds flat for storage, but stands up for easy access to your supplies while you are creating.

Large organizer for markers, folded closed
Large organizer for markers, filled
Marker organizer and stand

The Jumbo Color Keeper can be used to organize other things too!

The Magnetic Design Board and 13″ Ruler make creating cards and layouts easy.  Put your Magnetic Design Board on top of the included 12.5″x 12.5″ Rotating Design Board and working on your project from any angle will be a breeze.

If you purchase these items separately on our website the price would be $70.97 – HSN is offering the bundle at just $39.95 during the 24 Hour Craft Event.  HSN item number is 584616.

Thanks so much for stopping by to see what’s happening tomorrow (Nov. 6, 2017) at HSN.  I hope you’ll join us – all the crafty ladies will be there for another fun day of demonstrations and new product introductions.

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