Jewelry and Beading Organization

Are you looking for a great way to organize your Jewelry and Beading Supplies? 

The ScrapRack is the perfect answer. 

You can group your beading/Jewelry making supplies by Color and Style.  Group your findings by Gold/Silver, etc.
Use small ziplock bags for your beads and finding then slip them into our pocket pages.  We used the Dream Dozen Page in the example below, but the Embellishment Storage Pages would work equally well.  We also slipped our tray into a SuperSized Single Pocket. It worked great.
When you’re ready to create all of your products will be visible and accessible.
Try designating a single page for each project you’re working on.  This will keep eveyrthing in one place so when you’re ready to create you’re organized and ready to go! If you like to craft away from home, you can easily take your jewelry and beading tools with you in a TravelPack.

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