Loving my Fodeez Frames

The first time I saw these cool, repositionable frames was in the set-up hall at HSN.  Valerie Moody, the company founder, was setting up a display that included a stainless steel refrigerator.

Right there on the front of the refrigerator were photos, to-do lists, and even a calendar.  AMAZING.  As you probably know, the problem with a stainless steel refrigerator is that you can’t put anything on the front of it because magnets don’t stick.  I was in love!!!

I hadn’t really thought about using them at the office until a few weeks later.  Now they are everywhere.

Not only are they repositionable, they stick and “un-stick” to almost everything.  I use them on the office and studio doors – to either invite people in, or ask them to go away.  🙂

I use one as a picture frame stuck to the end of my shelving.  It’s safe for photos because the sticky part is only on the frame.

I’ve even got one on the wall next to my desk where I keep a picture of Park and a list of all the things I want him to do for me.

I love them!!!

Another cool thing is that Valerie invented this product.  She saw a need, and then spent a couple of years designing and refining until she had created exactly what I needed.  I love that too.

Fodeez Frames are great everywhere.  You can even put one on your laptop or on the back of your tablet and change the pictures out whenever you like.

Learn more at Valerie’s website, www.Fodeez.com, and tell her Tiffany sent you!



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  1. Those are great, no need to put nails in furniture products like bookshelves. Love them. Did you put a dry erase
    board by the picture for your to do list?

    • I love them too! No, on the dry erase board, I just wrote on the clear part of the Fodeez. It just looks like a board because the wall behind the clear is white.

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