Holiday Wishes from all of us!

Hello to all of our crafty friends –

We just wanted to take a minute and wish you all a wonderful holiday season! Thanks so much for being part of our community at Totally-Tiffany.

We are blessed, lucky, thankful, and amazed at the growth of our little business over the last few years.  Your help in sharing us and supporting us has been the biggest catalyst to our success.

I’m regularly asked “Do you like what you do?”  No, I say, “I LOVE what I do!”

I’m surrounded by people who are doing something they enjoy.  In general, everyone I come in contact with is creative, inspired  and inspiring.

Most people are doing something for someone else, whether that’s creating albums for future generations or creating cards that will bring joy to someone the next time they open their mailbox.

Even when I travel to HSN for a craft event, ALL of the other participants, even though we’re also competitors on some level, are kind, helpful, and supportive – each of us doing whatever we can to ensure our crafty cohorts are successful.

We’ve had the great fortune to interact with crafters from all over the world.  We’ve had many of you stop by our office in Tacoma, WA just to say when you’re travelling through the area.

We’re thankful to receive each new product idea you send in and appreciate the time you take offering your opinion when we post new ideas on our social media pages.

Okay, I’ve started to ramble on a bit…LOL.  What I really want to say is…


From all of us to all of you!


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