Mini-Grid Shelving System – designed to hold extra Spinders, video version

See the Mini-Grid shelving system at work in this short video.

Building your mini-grid shelving system is easy.  Everything  you need can be ordered from Store

You’ll love how easy it is to customize these panels.

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5 Responses to Mini-Grid Shelving System – designed to hold extra Spinders, video version

  1. I have used these cube systems for years.
    Helpful tip: I use zip ties to hold them together. Much sturdier. Otherwise, the little knobs have a tendency to pop off. Also a lot easier to put together.

  2. Do the spinder binders fit in these? I have several spinders that I store in the binders but they do not fit on my Storage tower along with my extra spinders? Or do you know of anything similar that they would fit on? Just curious. Thank you

    • Sadly, they do not. However. I think we can make the Spinder Binder 1/2 shorter and then it should fit!! We are just going into production with these now, I’m going to try and make the adjustment. Thanks so much for asking this question. Tif

  3. I love these cubes have used them for so many things but spinder binders is not one I’m going to try and share how I’m using them now.

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