Mix Master 7 Storage Page

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Why do we love the Mix Master 7 ?  It’s so versatile!!!!

Of course it is a dream page for keeping small and large items together within a subject or category,

Mix Master 7 ScrapRack Storage Page

but it also is ideal for small tool type stuff!

Mix Master 7 ScrapRack Storage Page


I’ve got this page loaded down with everything from embossing folders to red rubber stamps.  The pocket dimensions are perfect for these types of products.

There are 4 pockets down the left side of the page, each is 3″ x 3″.  In the top image they are filled with chipboard embellishments, in the bottom image I’ve loaded them with stamps and small embossing folders.

The two middle pockets are each 6″x6″.  Bulky things like the ribbon cards in the top image or the red rubber stamps in the bottom image are ideal for these deep pockets.

The left side pocket is perfect for long thin things like border stickers and die cuts, but it will also serve you well as a place to store border dies and 12″ border embossing folders.

Tip for embossing folders and stamps: Use one of our Shut Your Flap tabs to add a label to the stamp or  embossing folder.  It will serve 2 purposes; the first, it will be easier to know what the design is on the folder or stamp (if stacked 2 in a pocket), the second, it will make it easier to pull the folder or stamp out of the pocket.

Thanks for stopping by today to learn a little about our Mix Master 7 Basic Storage page.  We’d love to hear (and see) how you’re using yours.

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