More about The Expedit System

 Several questions popped up after my post yesterday. 
 Yes, you can store your ScrapRack Spinders in the Expedit, they can be stored standing up or laying flat.  I have a couple of Spinders with extra pages on them that are in one of the cubes.

The Dividers are a little too large and will curl up on the edges if you try to cram them into a cube.
The Casters that are shown in yesterday’s post are part of the system and designed to go on the cube system.  IKEA only recommends using them with cubes that are 1 or 2 cubes high. 
As far as I know, all of the IKEA stores carry the EXPEDIT System and it is available to order on line.
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  1. I have a quick question about the system. Once on it's side on the casters how tall is it from floor to top of scrap rack? I am considering getting the cube system and thinking it would be great to store under one of my 8 ft craft tables when I'm not using it.



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