Why you need a ScrapRack – Sharing papercrafting supplies is simple.

Whether you’re crafting with your kids, your mom, or your girlfriends, we all like to share our supplies.  If you share your supplies, you definitely need a ScrapRack, AND you need it organized in the 4 Section System.

4 Section System

Imagine your girlfriend asks you for a Halloween brad, you’re response, “Go to my ScrapRack, look under the Halloween Tab in the calendar section.”   Your friend can easily find what she needs even though it’s not her “stash.”

Imagine your children are using your craft supplies for a school project, now imagine them putting them away, In The Right Place!  They will, because with the ScrapRack it is so easy.

If you’re not familiar with the 4 Section System – follow this link to watch a video presentation and print a handout for your notebook.

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