Why you need a ScrapRack – Time, Money, Space, and Time

I’m sure there are some of you out there, that have unlimited space, time and money. But for most of us, managing those resources wisely is an important part of our lives.

I know the ScrapRack is an investment, but it will truly help you manage your other resources.

ScrapRack saves you money


There are 3 big ways to waste money when it comes to crafting.

Buying duplicates.
Loosing supplies you purchased for a specific project.
Products getting damaged

The ScrapRack can help you in all 3 areas.

Duplicates – the biggest reason we buy duplicates – we can’t see what we have. When your supplies are tucked away into a drawer, box, tote, file cabinet – you don’t see them, so you simply don’t remember that you have them.

With a ScrapRack, your constantly flipping through your supplies, seeing everything you’ve got. If you have a doubt about something, it’s EASY to check that section before you go to the store. You’ll buy what you need, rather than what you already have.


When you’re working within a limited amount of space, be it a large craft room or at your dining room table. Using the space efficiently is one of the keys to enjoying what you’re doing. For most crafters the joy is in being creative, not wandering around your area looking for supplies. The ScrapRack is simply the best tool, for putting the most stuff, in the smallest amount of space.

Imagine taking all of the supplies that are packed into the more than 25 sq ft of the shelving system pictured about and condensing them down into a far more accessible 10-12 sq ft.

ScrapRack streamline set up
Sit down and craft!


There’s a reason it’s in the title of this post twice, last, but far from least, time is the thing we have the least control over. I remember when Karen first started working with me, we were having a conversation about something, I said – “I don’t have time for that.” Her response, “We all have the same amount of time.”

How do you want to spend your limited amount of time? Digging and searching through all of your supplies? Spending hours packing up to go to an event knowing you’ll be spending that same amount of time putting things away when you get back? Or, would you prefer to just sit down and CRAFT?

For me, time is definitely the resource I’m always short on. Being able to sit down at my ScrapRack and get right to work on a project is satisfying and rewarding! If Time, Space or Money are things you need to plan around, you need a ScrapRack.

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