Why you need a ScrapRack – You’ll be crafty in so many more ways.

If you enjoy crafting, it’s not just card making or scrapbooking that you enjoy, it’s the act of being creative.  When your supplies are organized in a ScrapRack you’ll find that you’re more creative in more ways.

Super Crafty with a ScrapRack

You may just make wine tags for the glasses of your guests, or you may find yourself creating whole adorable place settings. In either case, you’ll feel inspired and creative. Your guests will be impressed and flattered that you took all that time just for them. (No need to tell them it just took 5 minutes.)

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Remember, April is ScrapRack month, so whether you’re just thinking of getting started with a ScrapRack or you need to add on to your existing ScrapRack, this is the perfect time to do it.

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