New Academic Calendar

When I picked up my mail yesterday I was pleased to see a thick manila envelope in the pile.  This was something I’d been waiting for. Not as exciting as something with Nordstrom printed in the return address corner, but far more exciting then the new cell phone bill.

The  new school year has begun and with it comes the new calendar from Max’s school.

Why keep the old one?
Keeping the old calendar can serve you well. When you’re ready to create albums for this time period, the calendar will be a huge asset.
It’s obviously an accurate record of the school year and major events.
Secondly, you’ve probably added your own notes and family events.

Finally, if the school sends you a calendar each year, it is most likely loaded with pictures of your children, they’re friends, they’re teachers and pictures of events that happen during the school year. The calendar is, in and of itself, a memento.

If you don’t get a calendar from the school each year, you probably have you’re own calendar and/or your child’s school planner.  Either of these will have the same benefits when saved.

Where should you store the old calendar? 

With your Mementos from the school year of course!! I use our Memento Keeper, one for each school year.  This makes it easy to put things away as they come in the door.  If you’re not using a Memento Keeper, maybe you have a file folder, or plastic box….just add the calendar to the box and you’re done!

Hang your new calendar on the refrigerator and let the new school year begin!

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