November Planner Pages

Leaves and pumpkins and turkeys, too! These are a few of the things I love about fall, but my planner didn’t reflect that…until now. 

I did a little sneak peek of these pages before a Tuesday Live event, and several of you asked for more details.

Planner pages start out plain and a little boring, but with a couple of punches and a Xyron machine, your planner pages can be as unique as you are.  It’s a great way to use your scrapbooking supplies, too – or a good excuse to buy a few more.

I like my planner to look pretty, I like it to be matchy-matchy.  I know that’s tragically un-hip, but It’s what I like, so “crafting” my own pages is a bit of a necessity.

November Planner Pages from Totally-Tiffany - what you need.

Week 1 – All about Pumpkins!

Many times the words on my planner pages are not what I want or what I’ll use.  Covering them up with pretty paper gives me the opportunity to write whatever I want in that space.  On the left side of this page, I used checked paper to cover up the word “goals”.  Instead, this will most like become the list of “major” things I need to accomplish in this week.

November Planner Pages from Totally-Tiffany - week 1

Week 2 – Leaves are falling

I tried something new here, I cut strips of paper and punched them with my planner punch (WeR makes a versatile punch if you need one for your planner). I put them through my small Xyron X  and they lined up nicely down the center of my pages.

Fall planner pages xyron strips November Planner Pages from Totally-Tiffany - week 2

Week 3 – Easy leaf border

This page was so simple.  Using a sheet of 12×12 paper that had a leaf border, I cut out the border and added it to the page.

November Planner Pages from Totally-Tiffany - week 3

Week 4 – Turkey Time

What’s Thanksgiving week without Turkeys?

November Planner Pages from Totally-Tiffany - week 4

Tabs and Toppers

I love adding some messy, layered elements to my planner.  One of my favorite things to do is to add tabs or toppers to each page.  Sometimes I use a decorative paper clip (you can see them at the top of my planner [Toppers] in some of the pictures above), and sometimes I add an element to the side (Tabs).  For November, I created tabs by cutting elements from coordinating cardstock.

Favorite things for this project

Adhesive Eraser

You already know I love Xyron, but did you know Xyron offers an eraser to help remove the sticky stuff around the edges of your handmade stickers? If you use your Xyron as often as I do, this eraser is a must.

Tip – if you have a lot of sticky stuff around the edges, try using a bone folder to rub around edges of each “sticker” before you remove the top layer of plastic.

Xyron adhesive eraser, Totally-Tiffany fall planner pages Weekly Box Planner Punch, Happy Planner

Fast and EASY – Weekly Box Punch

The weekly box planner punch from Happy Planner simplifies the whole process of crafting your planner pages.

You’ll get a perfect box every time.  I also use this to cut half and 1/3 size boxes.

Also available in the large planner size.

More versatility – We R Square Punch Board

The WeR Square Punch Board is not quite as easy to use, but it does offer a huge range of sizes and shapes,  It’s easy to customize to a variety of brands of planners or calendars.

wer square punch board

Thanks so much for stopping by today to take a peek at my November planner pages.  If you’re crafting your own pages I hope you’ll share them with me by posting them on our Facebook page.

Happy Crafting,

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