Organize kids artwork, school work, in the 12×18 Fab File

It’s “back to school” time and that can mean something different to each of us.  My boys are in college so it means the house quiets down for a couple of months.  If you’ve got grade school aged children it means that your house will quiet down for a couple of hours.  It also means that they’ll be returning from school with backpacks full of “amazing” artwork and other priceless projects.

Organize children's artwork.

Storing and organizing these treasures can be difficult because they often come in a 12×18 format, aka – construction paper.  Not only are these oversized, they also tend to have quite a lot of dimension.  There may be a macaroni building, a few feather trees, or even a thick glitter river all beautifully placed on the construction paper canvas.

The Jumbo Fab File is the perfect solution for storing, organizing, and protecting these precious mementos.  Like all of our products, it is slightly oversized at 12.5″ x 18.5″ – easy to load with 12×18 items.

Whether you choose to store your children’s school mementos and  artwork by grade, by year, or by subject, you’ll love how easy it is to sort, organize, and store it all in a Jumbo Fab File.

You can even let your kids decorate their own boxes, maybe with hand prints, or stickers, or glitter glue.

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  1. I have a lot of KiwiLane templates and have no idea how to store them. I have several 12″ borders. The folder you showed on HSN would work for the smaller items but the 12″ won’t fit and I want them all together. Any ideas?

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