Kids Crafts ORGANIZED!!!

Good organization skills are good life skills.  Make getting organized a fun and rewarding experience for you kids and grandkids and they’ll easily translate those skills over into other areas of their lives.

Die, Stamp and Embossing Folder organizing.

Organize kids craft supplies - easy organization

Organize kids crafts

Do you have children or grandchildren who craft with you?  If so, giving them their own craft organizers will help them stay organized and help you stay sane.

Help them understand the ideas of “keeping things together you use together,” “if it’s easy it gets done,” and perhaps the most important idea – “Clean up after yourself.”

The Die, Stamp, & Supply organizer can be a perfect  solution for kids’ craft supplies.  Everything from googly eyes to pipe cleaners (that’s the old school term for chenille stems) will find a home in this organizer.  Make it even more functional by adding a couple of Buddy Bags!

I started by corralling the small items into the Buddy Bags.

Organize kids craft supplies - long stuff in our buddy bags

I used the Brandy Bag for long chenille stems, but this bag would also be perfect for any type of ruler your kids might be using. (Learn more about Brandy.)

Next I gathered up the colored pencils, popsicle sticks, paint brushes, and even the “Rainbow Loom” tool, and loaded them all into the Debra Bag. (Learn more about Debra.)

The Dawn Bag includes 4 small divider trays.  These little trays are perfect for things like crayons, glue sticks, adhesive runners, even a zip lock bag of modeling clay. (Learn more about Dawn.)

The Teresa Bag was the perfect size and shape to contain a plethora of sparkly flower embellishments. (Learn more abut Teresa.)

Organize kids crafts, glue sticks, modeling clay, crayons

One nice thing about using the Buddy Bags in conjunction with the Supply Organizer, the bags can be pulled out of the Supply Organizer, opened on the desktop, and the supplies contained within accessed right out of the bag.  There’s no need to dump the contents of the Buddy Bags out. Clean up is faster and easier.

Organize kids craft supplies, desktop organizer

Organize kids craft supplies with buddy bags and desktop organizer.

Talk about maximizing your space!

The loaded Supply Organizer can easily be store in a closet or on a shelf until your kids or grandkids are ready to craft again!

If you have other ideas about how to use our products, I do hope you’ll use the comment box below to share your ideas or questions with us.

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