3 Ways to use SYF Label Tabs with Embossing Folders




Handles and Labels

If you’re using ScrapRack pages to organize & store your embossing folders, try adding an SYF tab to the top of each folder.

You’ll be able quickly identify the folder you need, and the label tab will make it easier to pull the embossing folder out of the pocket.

The small or large Shut Your Flap tabs can be used on any size of embossing folders.

These tabs work well on unmounted/acrylic stamps as well.


Catalog Numbers

If you’ve got a ton of embossing folders and you’re using a cataloging system to organize them, the small SYF tabs are the perfect label solution.

Number your embossing folders first and then create your catalog sheets.

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Embossing Folder Organizer, SM28-Ff Fab File
Catalog Embossing Folders use SYF tabs to label.

After you’ve created your catalog sheets, use a small Shut Your Flap tab to label each folder before your put them into a Fab File.

Divider tabs

If you’re using a ScrapRack or Spinder Binder to organize your embossing folders, you’ll probably want to label the storage pages.  If you’ve got the folders cataloged, you can tab each page with the number range of that page.  If you have your embossing folders organized by theme, you’ll want to label the pages for easy reference.  Shut Your Flap tabs make this easy to do.

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